Hello T-I, I was watching the Seahawks game on twitter and a post featuring the picture above was posted and it made want to find a sound mp3 of the famous iconic seen to have a funny reply, but... I found I cannot find it. then even stranger, lol it seems that seen never was. I remember it very well. I grw up with it and have seen the original old movie countless times for many years. This lead me to find the what is referred to as The Mandela Effect. I have been reading about it and to be honest wow weird but saying reality's are crossing or merging sounds a bit crazy lol. However many of the common examples are things i can remember, and some are not.

An interesting video ( but the sound editing is terrible and makes the video suspect. But some of the audio sounds very real and there are some interesting things said in here)

I would love to hear what this community thinks about this phenomenon. I am at a wall of not understanding but not agreeing with anything I have read or listened to.

Here is a handful of common things brought up in this conversation.

20 Examples Of The Mandela Effect Thatíll Make You Believe Youíre In A Parallel Universe