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    these are a bit older but they show people are feeling the Bern!

    CNN fast facts

    "Note from me"

    Wow people around me seem to be Feeling The Bern : ) and I am with them, he seems to be by far the best candidate IMO.

    This makes me so happy, I have someone I can feel good about voting for. Bernie Sanders is all about transparency and saying NO to “Big Money” from corporations and other Lobbyists trying to keep getting their way. The time for a change is now and it will affect the U.S. in such a large way and by proxy the whole world.

    What are your thoughts? Does T-I Feel the Bern?

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    Bernie dominated most of the debate on Sunday evening at youtube. Bernie did have a hard time making his case to the public during the gun debate topics and Hillary was taking swipes at him. I do believe in the second amendment which allows us to bear arms but something new has to be placed to keep criminal offenders (felons) and the mentally ill from purchasing guns. The loophole at gun show definitely needed to be closed which Obama did so temporarily with an executive action. Bernie comes from a rural state and he has repeatedly said that gun cultures vary from state to state. The NRA has given him a very low score and it has cost him an election in the past. I think that Bernie has a moderate view on gun control whereas Obama and Hillary want to have stricter gun laws. Bernie's position on gun control may not be popular with gun control activists and voters but his position isn't a deal breaker and one can compromise with that position.

    We can compromise because Bernie is the most promising candidate to bring reform and action to change some of the most pressing domestic issues. Wealth inequality, big money in campaigns (end Citizens United), Wall Street corruption, police reform (demilitarization of police), race issues, holding state and city public officials accountable for screw ups (lead poisoning at Flint, Michigan), and other issues. Civil Rights justice is so crucial to bring the country together and Bernie has a very strong record in fighting for civil rights in his career.

    Bernie hasn't taken a single dollar from billionaires and corporations for campaign but over 2 million individual contributors have donated $30 to his campaign. He beat Obama's grassroot fundraising by twice as much! Bernie has a record of 40 years of solid consistency in his politics and views whereas Clinton has been flip flopping and taking money ($600,000 last year in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs). He said during the last debate Congress will not start to help the American people until candidates stop taking big money from corporations and billionaires because the interests from these ultra rich individuals and institutions are placed first above the people. Bernie accused Hillary of being another puppet politician who will be part of the status quo. Shit will not ever get done until campaign finance corruption is regulated and Citizens United is overturned or the Constitution is amended to prevent such.

    I honestly don't understand why there are many people supporting Trump. His stance on immigration is his selling ticket and immigration is problem that has to be addressed but he will not be humane in his tactics for deportation (his admiration of Eisenhower's round up of Mexican immigrants was barbaric). Trump divides the country and has been dividing it. He has offended different minority groups who are Americans! I am disgusted in how his supporters spit and punch minority protesters who come to protest peacefully at his rallies. Bernie kept quiet and respected the Black Live Matters protesters who protested at one his rallies. He didn't give his blessing to have them humiliated and thrown out for protesting. Rather he embraced them and accepted the group as a legitimate group of civil rights activists.

    College tuition needs to be cheaper, student loan rates need to drastically drop, and a number of student load debts have to be forgiven. Free or cheap higher education is so necessary right now. I can't afford good health insurance because the premiums are so expensive and I only went to see a doctor to have a piss test done for a drug screen for a job that I applied for! Why the hell would I pay $5,000 - $6,000 premium annually just when I almost never see a doctor??? Prescription medications need to be a lot cheaper rather than costing 700% more than what it is supposed to really cost. These issues matter a lot to me and the GOP sure as hell doesn't give a damn about the future of the health and economic welfare of the millennials. Pfizer and other drug companies get huge tax breaks and the permission to raise prescription drug prices without limits.

    Anyone who claims that Bernie is a socialist and a communist, get a life! Social Security, Medicare, and such are socialist programs placed by FDR and many Americans use them. The government has afforded corporations so much freaking welfare in tax breaks and other benefits that other working and middle class individuals haven't been afforded with. Ever heard corporate welfare?? Yeah that is socialism at its max.

    I feel the Bern!
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      New video, I had to post it.


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        Originally posted by SteviLGenius View Post
        New video, I had to post it.

        OMG that is Tommy Chong!! He's feeling the Bern.


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          How the hell is Jeb freakin' Bush the 2nd most favorable? Have Americans leaned nothing about the Bush family yet?

          As a Canadian... I have always followed world politics, and Sanders is the only American presidential candidate I have ever actually been excited about. Obama had a lot of hype back in 2008, but I saw right through his BS. I don't see any BS in Sanders at all.


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            Good question, IMO he is buying it, and the major media is loyal to his family. also those stats are old and I am sure it may have changed by now.

            Well we are off to a great start as Bernie is tied with Hilary in the Iowa Democratic Caucus

            His Speach
            Bernie Sanders Caucus Night Speech

            here you can see the last few votes coming in

            This is amazing : )

            He address corruption in Media, Wall Street, and Corporate America.
            He also address the top 1% hold more wealth than 90% of the rest of the country and he plans to change that to pay for Universal healthcare reform, also making 2 year degrees from community colleges free for anyone, and also to raise minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour among other thing's like cutting the insane military budget. (Half of the U.S yearly military budget is ruffly equal to the rest of the worlds yearly military budgets put together)

            He is calling for a Political revolution And We are feeling the Bern in Michigan.
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              Obviously Bernie needs to be the Democratic candidate, but who do you guys think will be the Republican?

              Anyone but Trump will do... even Jeb Bush.


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                Wow no way, Trump, Bush, and Clinton are all owned by the 1% they are nothing but puppets.

                you can find similar video's for all the Bush's and Trump speaks for himself so no one needs to make video's.

                this really sucks because if Bernie Sanders somehow looses to Hilary we are stuck with nothing but Puppets who will continue to do the bidding of the banks and we are in trouble. We have to vote Bernie Sanders and see what he can do.
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                  Originally posted by MPC7448 View Post
                  Obviously Bernie needs to be the Democratic candidate, but who do you guys think will be the Republican?

                  Anyone but Trump will do... even Jeb Bush.
                  Jeb has already lost hard in this campaign due to the attacks made by Trump. Right now the last ones standing is Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, Christie, and Jeb. Jeb, Kasich, and perhaps Christie will be dropping out of the race after New Hampshire (maybe Carson as well). The top 3 are Cruz, Trump, and Rubio.

                  The GOP establishment's golden child is Rubio. The GOP has tried very hard to attack Ted Cruz because he has attacked and criitized the GOP senior establishment politicians in Congress. Not a single GOP senator likes Cruz in the Senate and they have denied him floor time during his attempts to debate and propose legislation. He is one of the most extremist GOP politicians in Congress. He's very sharp and cunning. The GOP has heavily underestimated him. His tactic is to to play the most conservative politician in Congress and to call out those who compromise with Obama because he paints to be weak and not conservative enough. These weak candidates will look very bad to their conservative constituents and will not be voted again to office coming the next term. It works.

                  Cruz won Iowa and beat Trump. Trump was shocked and seemed like he was sucker punched. He didn't show up for the last debate because Megyn Kelly from fox was set to moderate that GOP debate before the Iowa caucus. He gambled by not showing up and he lost Iowa.

                  Cruz is the leading member of the Tea Party which is an extremist faction in the Republican party. The Tea Party's goal is to replace the Republican incumbents who compromise with Democrats and with Obama because he accuses them before their constituents as being weak and not conservative enough. The Tea Party has infiltrated Congress and already replaced a number of incumbents. The GOP establishment is struggling with this faction and its leaders. Cruz is smart and relies on his constituents and others for power.

                  The Freedom Caucus is another extremist group of Republican Congressmen in the House of Representatives. They were responsible for overthrowing the former House Speaker John Boehner. These guys don't play around.

                  Google Ted Cruz, Tea Party, and the Freedom Caucus if you're interested in a good read.

                  Originally posted by SteviLGenius View Post
                  Wow no way, Trump, Bush, and Clinton are all owned by the 1% they are nothing but puppets.

                  you can find similar video's for all the Bush's and Trump speaks for himself so no one needs to make video's.

                  this really sucks because if Bernie Sanders somehow looses to Hilary we are stuck with nothing but Puppets who will continue to do the bidding of the banks and we are in trouble. We have to vote Bernie Sanders and see what he can do.
                  Hillary has been bought by Wall Street for a long time. Bernie's weaknesses are gun control and foreign policy but they are not deal breakers. Bernie can nominate the best people in these areas and others for his cabinet to aid him. Bernie is a god send to the people. Literally. He's going to beat Hillary in New Hampshire by a good margin and I'm predicting this based on the last poll done there.

                  The one point that Bernie has articulated is that change will not happen until campaign finance is reformed and not until the loophole that the super wealthy use to unload their huge sums of cash into super Pacs. Hillary can talk out of her ass and every other GOP candidate all day long 24/7 about the changes that they want to bring and pseudo help the middle and working classes. Congress works and serves the super wealthy 1%. Nothing is going to change until Citizens United becomes overturned and a reform sweeps the campaign finance structure.
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                    Bernie is looking good heading into the New Hampshire democratic primary. Source

                    Here is the debate. She seems as she is, dodging questions and responding with things other than answers. Bernie is straight up. His plan is not perfect but it's a huge step in the right direction and the middle and lower class's have no one but Bernie representing them and it's starting to show : )

                    This is history in the making : )
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                      Yes! We've won New Hampshire! Watch Sander's inspiring victory speech addressing the systemic inequalities of the controlling 1% and the true progressive dismissal of the so-called status quo. THIS IS OUR REVOLUTION within and of the United States Electoral System!

                      How effective is your candidate? Clinton has passed only 1.46% of the bills Bernie has during his 22 year contribution... Onward to Nevada!


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                        We crushed Hillary big time in New Hampshire by a 22% margin. Hell yes! Anyway I finished watching debate #6 which took place yesterday in Wisconsin. I think that there was some bias from PBS toward Hillary.

                        (2/11/2016) PBS Democratic Presidential Debate (FULL VIDEO) - YouTube


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                          What is this shit I hear from the US about these new "super delegates"? With these new super delegates Clinton was basically able to turn New Hampshire into a tie.

                          More on this here:


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                              Also, a great new Sanders campaign ad:

                              This is all from the TYT (The Young Turks) YouTube channel, which are HUGE Sanders supporters.