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    Originally posted by cookiemon2 View Post
    Because I don't want the material to die. I mostly share books and music. The more copies of it that are floating around on the internet means I have a better chance of recovering that same material if my computer ever dies/stolen/hacked/etc. or if something happens to my collection. So, I don't mind so much if people aren't able to upload but they need to at least seed, seed, seed.
    Never thought of this side of the equation, interesting.


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      The real aim of bittorrent network is to have backup of your data . so by uploading i am getting my data safe in cloud :P. Also it's morereliable than any hosting site which can get shutdown any time or they get deleted for whatsoever reason.


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        I started uploading to learn how to do it. Now I love the competition of being the fastest with the most torrents uploaded >: )
        I also take great pride in my descriptions and screen shots, links and install directions (sysReq's always) ect......

        Now it's about Moving Data from one country to another and making contacts for hard to find data.
        I have many trackers with lots of different data. I take Asian torrents and post'em to Romanian site's
        Russian torrents to South American site's and so on.........

        I started on smaller less known trackers and got better, then moved up to bigger better known trackers to compete with there other uploaders, I just love being able to do so I guess, I love to share and get thing's to people when they thought they would not be able to get it. I remember (long ago) when I "wished" I could see that new movie, or play a video game while my friends were talking about it. I was poor as a kid, hell as a young adult as well. and I spend allot of time teaching all around me how to "Not Pay" for entertainment as I believe it should be free to those who are willing to learn. Also love ripping youtube video's and making my custom music torrents

        I am no longer just an uploader, I now Admin for a couple site's, and recruit for a few more, and MOD for a couple as well. I am a gate keeper (of sorts) to free entertainment and I have all my people join my trackers and request whatever they want, and I fill the requests. I am the same with computers, I give them to people who could not get them otherwise, then teach them how to torrent and share what they can, and tell them to teach those less knowledgeable than them and so on. As a result I had to start my own Tech Support Forum, lol

        Also I am working on a system to auto upload public torrents "data" to our Private site, Public trackers do have data private trackers do not, so it will be like a private Public tracker (but just private)

        To recap, I upload to share information and get others interested in what they can learn and do, because it changed my life for the better and it will yours too. Give it a try : )
        AreaFiles (AF) Recruiter
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          I used to be much more of an active uploader, actually going out of my way to find things that weren't on the trackers I was a part of, but now i just pretty much permaseed what I download.


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            First, uploading is about giving back to the community. Torrent sites would not exist if people were not uploading.

            And in some sites, it is very very difficult to maintain ratio unless you upload (or donate).


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              I upload because of the challenge and mostly because I like helping others. Also for the warm feeling you get when the users thank you for your great work.


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                I am an uploader, but not a big one. Why? Because I mostly choose to upload things that I genuinely love, as well as things that are not readily available on most trackers.

                The simple and direct idea that if I love something - someone else likely will also.


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                  I upload to 2 trackers and i do it to help out really ,give back to the tracker and others and ovb get my ratio up
                  plus uploader status can get you some perks without waiting the valadated time to become a power user or higher


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                    I'm an uploader, and try to help those trying to find material other just have no interest in or just what's not as popular. However everything is great to share with everyone. :D