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Is "Tech" disconnecting us?

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  • Is "Tech" disconnecting us?

    Hello all,

    what i want to say has been on my mind alot lately. i came home from work the other nite, and all the members of my family {3 peep's} were in the living room, with the tv on. yet nobody was watching it!

    all 3 were on their "devices" [smart phones}. i call them "devices" instead of "phones" because to me, a "phone" is something you talk into. most of my family members use their "phones" for non-talking. ergo....i go with "devices"

    i stopped and looked at them all, they all quickly glanced up and said "hello" then their heads went back down.

    let me state, i do not own a smart phone. i have a cheapass phone. that i use for TALKING. lol!

    back to my subject.....ive been noticing that there is less personnal live interaction in my house. everybody seems to have their head down....texting, surfing, playing games, etc.

    ive noticed this at work also.
    when im out and about, all i seem to see is people with their head buried in their "devices"

    remember, i dont have one of these devices, so my heads is always "up"

    i walked into a restuarant to get a slice of pizza the other day, and there was a group of teens at a table. most of them had their heads buried in their laps. not talking to eachother, but in their own little world of their "device"

    dont get me wrong. my son has showed me the different things his "device" can do. pretty cool!

    i just have this uneasy feeling that as humans, the more we get "tech connected"......the less "connected" we get with person.

    all i seem to hear, at home or work is "where is my charger" or "can i use your charger". lol!

    ive seen people so engrossed that they walk into things. granted it gives me a good laugh though.

    it seems that alot of people have a problem of what i call "device addiction"

    so i would like to know other people's thoughts on this subject. has anybody felt or thought the same things??
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    The answer for me is 'YES'.

    Because you can stay "connected" to the majority of people you know via a device on a very impersonal superficial level it takes away from the true personal contacts.

    Especially teenagers who now grow up with that kind of technology are pretty much taught to be slightly socially awkward.

    I imagine since they've already shared all their news via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. there's not much to talk about anymore when you actually meet in real life face to face.

    Sometimes I notice myself getting sucked into my device too much and it's really addictive.

    Society evolves and sometimes just not for the better. The flood of stimuli and information that is available all the time is not working in a direction that I think is an improvement but that's just the trend that cannot be stopped.

    All we can do is not to fall into these habits and not be a bad example for our children and also keep up contacts by actually meeting and calling people on the phone instead of blindly sharing everything that we have to say with the whole world via Facebook et. al.

    That's my 2 cents.


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      i agree, tech is getting us disconnected from the non digital world. we are obsessed with being available / reachable 24/7 now. look how people freak out when they forget their phone at home.

      personally i think this is bad, very bad for us because we don´t interact naturally anymore. teenagers and kids are better in interacting digitally on fb / twitter or whatever than outside the digital world.
      I remember when I was 14 I knew the phone numbers of my friends and when I could call them at home. how many telephone numbers do you memorize now ?

      Don´t get me wrong, I´m an absolut tech freak but I think the society is not using technology the best way these days.
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        I agree we as people can get carried away with tech, I know I do.
        but with any smart-ish phone I can control my entire home network remotely. It is really hard not to get addicted to
        Plus I can fix my mom and dads comps remotely and do anything for them, only taks a phone call and I take care of whatever. They need that very much as they know little of anything computer related. other than that I hardly use it, almost never call anyone.

        I think that we are in a pre-cyborg age now. And during the next 100 or 2 years everything will change who knows what the distant future holds.


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          I'm not sure how any of you have seen this video, but it really does show how the use of smartphones can in a way "disconnect" us from normal and social activities. It sort of takes it to an extreme, but there are people out there that are glued to their devices and in a way almost reject reality. This technology is great and does help us communicate and be social, but if used the wrong way, it can do just the opposite.

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            Yes.. There was a time when we used to look forward to meeting people, go sit in a park and talk to strangers, when we were kids, we used to play out in the playground with kids we dont even know... We used to remember each and every telephone number and used to have competitions on who could remember the mos numbers.... and now? all i see is children glued either to the computer, PS3's and Xbox's. HOw do they keep in touch with friends...? Smartphones... Have they ever met their "facebook friends who lives in next street"?? No! cause they "like" their status on facebook or "retweet" a joke thats not even funny... How many children (aged 15 and below) actually engage in a real conversation? how many relatives actually meet "just by the way"? just 5-10% . Just because the tech is involved now, Its all Disconnected.


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              Louis CK said some great stuff about this.
              People don't know how to be alone anymore. They don't know how to sit with the emptiness of loneliness, so they reach for their phones so that they can fill that void, even if just for a second.

              Of course, he makes light of it, but it really does hammer it home, I think.

              You can see what I'm talking about here: Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones - YouTube


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                Originally posted by oldysama View Post
                Louis CK said some great stuff about this.
                Agreed. I don't own a cell phone by choice. Whenever I go out with friends, their faces are always planted into their phones. I can't talk though, I work with computers and I spend most of my free time infront of one, I'm also disconnected from that 'reality'.
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                  I have a smartphone as well and have to agree, most teens are on their phones. Twitter, facebook, myspace (Not that popular), Instagram they all think this is the best way to communicate, but at least my family is not like that and I am glad. I can't imagine family not talking to one another lol.
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                    I also don't have a smartphone. I actually don't have one for this exact reason. I know that I would devote entirely too much time to it, and as such, I am taking this seemingly extreme precaution to avoid this exact disconnect.

                    I had a hard enough time connecting with people when I was younger, and now that I've finally gotten over it, the new way of connecting with people is something that I would have nothing to do with. Figures. :P

                    Seriously though, as I mentioned, I know that I would get lost in my smartphone, between playing games, being on facebook, reading news stories, reading books on it, listening to music, and watching TV and movies on it. Where would I possibly have time to talk to people?

                    Not only would it be a personal problem for me and others like me, but this is also becoming the NORM for society. It's no longer rude for people to stop paying attention in the middle of a conversation or even the slightest break in a conversation. That irks the crap out of me, in that it seems disrespectful. Is it just me?


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                      i have smartphone and i know how fun it is with all the application it has.
                      but i only using my smartphone when im alone or waiting for someone alone.
                      and when i with other people i actually avoiding opening the phone except i have to text someone important.


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                        It's not the technology: It's how you use it.

                        My parents met in Junior High and started dating. Unfortunately my Grandfather got a job offer across the country when my mother was in high school, thus separating them. Once a month, my father would use the wages from his High School job to afford 1 long distance call from opposite sides of the nation.

                        Today, my Grandparents are able to use their tablet and Skype to call their Granddaughter in France for free, and see their newborn Great-Granddaughter whenever they like. Conversely, they can call their Grandson in Afghanistan at a whim to make sure he is safe. Now, when my father and I make hunting trips into the mountains each fall, we can call home via cell phones to reassure our loved ones that we arrived safely. Conversely, my Uncle can use the GPS in his daughter's cell phone to make sure that she got to school alright, as his job prevents him from driving her to school, and they don't have bus service.

                        Tech is not making us do anything. If people are becoming more disconnected, that is because their loved ones and peers have not done a satisfactory job raising them to understand that it is unacceptable to be glued to your phone during dinner any more than it was unacceptable to read the Newspaper at the dinner table 30 years ago.

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                          It looks like I am going to have to disagree with most of the opinions here. In my view technology is connecting us in ways that we never before thought possible. There are entire SMS apps available that help protest movements organize and respond. The Arab Spring relied heavily on tech to get its message out to the world when entire countries were removed from the web. Social Networking keeps us in touch with family members that we rarly see and allows them to see what is happening in our lives. It really boils down to how you use the technology that is available to you.
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                            It is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes time-wasting and distracting apps be available right at your fingertips. On the other hand, it can connect you with people all around the world. IT can connect you to forums, dating sites, and the latest generation of social networking. On another hand, it can give rise to unwelcome phenomenon like "slactivism" that threatens to displace real-world activism. Too much social networking can take the place of real community.


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                              we are all addicted to something....whatever it is.....