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Cost Effectiveness outweighs Life in Commercial Aviation.

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  • Cost Effectiveness outweighs Life in Commercial Aviation.

    Alaska Airlines Passenger's Confidence Shaken by Handwritten Message on Wing - Yahoo! News

    So I came across this little gem here about a plane that put the equivalent of a sticky note on the plane wing that was damaged that read "don't worry we know about it". How do you feel about flying knowing that the wing is damaged? I'm a big fan of those shows like Seconds From Disaster and every plane crash on that show came from cheap maintenance that resulted in a .99 cent bolt not being replaced or the airplane servicers not taking their time and following protocol to do maintenance, leading to undue stress on the wings and engine and causing bolts to break mid air and causing bad things to happen like crashes. The worst are planes with design flaws that they KNOW will FAIL but they ignore it and put pressure on everyone to go as cheaply as possible.

    It is sad we are in a day and time where we have the tech to fly and radar but not to have improved the design to at least make fire resistant planes that wont burst on impact.

    Anybody have something to share on the topic?

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    This could have been fatal, a small part of the wing was missing , a small prob in air carrier can cause lot of problem it could be said it was over confidence or stupidity playing with passengers life
    we know bout this what if the plane would have crashed then also they would have said we knew bout this lols idiotic ame's we are having in this world .Why did they even allow the plane to fly in first in case.


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      The sad truth is that the NTSB only ever recommend safety measures/precautions only after a fatal accident has occurred.This isn't always the case of course but this is too often frequently seen after an air accident.Playing Russian roulette with passenger lives should be made criminal,if you know something isn't right..fix it,no matter the cost.
      I remember reading about a study once that showed air passengers were overwhelmingly in favor of paying more for better safety.


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        What's amusing about all the handwringing about plane safety is that flying is no where near as dangerous as driving, yet we're complaining that it's not safe enough?

        The industry in general is in trouble with many airlines declaring bankruptcy or on the verge of it, yet anecdotal stories like these put people all in a tizzy about how 'terrible' it is.


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          So whats the reason of the airline's getting bankrupt put some light on it , car driving is safe unless you are so unlucky to be with a driver like me lols when m driving maintain safe distance ,
          jokes apart well if you know your brakes r fail will you drive your car? same goes for the airline, and bankruptcy and this have no relation wht so ever
          they have taken some bad final decision or the govnt is lame enaf not to protect your airliner's at the same time for the economy lols evry economy is suffering every industry is suffering crude oil prices are rising and wht not
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