The spam in this section is getting out of control. From here on out, this section is going to be heavily moderated. Anyone found making spam posts will receive immediate red card infractions. This section is NOT meant to be a place to increase your post count while you try to get to the better parts of Area 51. I want to see this section return to its roots - when it was a place full of deep, insightful and meaningful conversation. One and two sentence answers, or posts that don't add to the discussion are NOT allowed. They will be deleted immediately and an infraction given.

There is to be no video posting in this area. Post videos only if you plan to actually expand and elaborate intellectually on what was derived from watching said video. Do Not just post a video as an answer or to start a thread. Any violation of this rule will lead to an infraction without warning.

Avoid this by using this section to actually converse.

That is all.

As @TheLaughingMan stated in a now deleted post:

Originally posted by TheLaughingMan
I have noticed a growing trend here in the Brain Stew. This used to be a place of deep intellectual discussion, where people could discuss their opinions on topics that define who we are as a person. Now it is filled with quick one or two sentence answers with no extra thought put into them. I want to see this section return to its former glory, a place where our users respectfully discuss the opinions of others. I challenge you all to take a hard look at your responses and ask yourself, "Is this really Brain Stew quality or would I expect to see this type of response in general discussion?" Users only benefit from these types of discussion if they actually challenge them to define who they are and how they feel or relate to a topic.