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Are women worse drivers?

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  • Are women worse drivers?

    I just saw this sort of humorous article, and I couldn't help but post it. Begin contoversy.

    A town in southwest Germany has drawn accusations of sexism after designating two particularly tricky parking spaces "men only."

    The mayor of the Black Forest town of Triberg says women would find it difficult to park there because drivers need to back in diagonally without hitting a pillar and a wall.

    Gallus Strobel noted that 12 places in the 220-capacity car park are reserved for women. Many German cities designate a small number of parking spaces, usually near exits, for women concerned about their personal safety in poorly-lit garages.

    Strobel told The Associated Press on Thursday that he had received overwhelmingly positive reactions from men who feel discriminated against by "women only" parking.

    But the Triberg mayor says some "humourless people" had criticized the move.

    EDIT: Maybe we could comment more on the issue described here in the article that a city in a developed country actually implemented a policy that recognizes women as incapable drivers. Which has to be considered a form of discrimination regardless of what your thoughts on the capability of women drivers. If, hypothetically, women are worse drivers, is this policy just?
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    Although I've met a lot of women who are bad drivers in my life, I still think it's just false stereotype.


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      In general, even most women I have talked to agree, women are worse drivers. There is always excpetions of course.

      Most young men(boys) from 18-25 drive a lot less responsible, and where I come from, car insurance is more pricey for men at this age-range, than for women (might be other places too, I don't know). But once the guys calm down a little, they are usually better at doing the tricky stuff, like parking a car in a tight space.

      Remember, a handfull of exceptions doesn't make this untrue. I am a worse driver than most, even though I am a man, and I know a few women that drive a lot better than most men,
      but generally speaking.. Of course this might be wrong, maybe someone has some numbers that prove that this is just an old tired "truth" that is based only on guesswork and pride. If you do, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong.
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        no woman driver is worse than me but i hit everything i drive past so maybe my driving skills dont count


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          Completly i diagree saying women are worse drivers they are safe drivers.............
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            What safe ?
            no way.....when some vehicle comes infront of them by surprise they just took their hands of the steering and starts
            this is what u call safe

            Originally posted by mylovemylife View Post
            Completly i diagree saying women are worse drivers they are safe drivers.............


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              Folks, this has already been settled by Mythbusters: Men are better overall drivers (79 vs 71 points out of 100). See Mythbusters episode 183.

              Granted their sampling size might not have been super large but they took extra measures to ensure that not even the evaluvator could easily discern the driver's gender. And the driving course was pretty extensive (accident avoidance, 3-point turn, parallel parking, slalom, slalom in reverse) on a somewhat slick track.


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                I voted no I have seen bad drivers out there of all types. I suppose if I was forced to choose from my experience the elderly to be honest they drive like their going to see a Marlon Brando Musical, but not all just the Female elderly


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                  I would say yes, but there are many exceptions...

                  I know plenty of males that can't drive for shit... but many more females in that category...

                  Sure females can mutli-task but maybe there busy focusing on other things when there meant to be driving....

                  and then parking.. sheesh. how many females struggle to park in tight spots... or freak out...

                  So sorry females... Men win.. in my opinion :)


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                    I think we cannot categorized...but definitely in both....male and female we can find good and bad drivers...but in my personal opinion I think Women are very carefully driving, more cautious and less dangerous driving on the street and highways.

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                      Your gender isn't what makes you a bad driver. A man is just as likely to make you want scream with road rage as a woman.

                      Take my family, for example. My mom had to take an extra driving test for her occupation, so she was, of course, a better driver. My dad, however, would literally zoom back and forth between lanes to get through traffic. I'm sure you can also guess which one of them has crashed every car we've had.

                      I actually find it's mostly younger people, (No, I'm not an old man) usually on their phones, that are terrible drivers. Just an observation, but a valid one.
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                        Originally posted by SiniuS View Post
                        I think we cannot categorized...but definitely in both....male and female we can find good and bad drivers...but in my personal opinion I think Women are very carefully driving, more cautious and less dangerous driving on the street and highways.

                        Sorry do disagree... but many times those who are 'more cautious' end up being more dangerous... they pull out at stupid times, cause gridlocks of traffic and jump on the breaks and random times which causes them to get rear ended...

                        It's sad.. but have a look next time...

                        Learner drivers are soo slow... especially on highways.. sure they don't get into accidents, but those passing them end up at fault all because some guy is driving sooo slow!!!!


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                          Just putting this out there: Women have, in general, a lower body mass than men. It's well known that women get more drunk than men on the same quantity of alcohol. So, it might be more likely that any given female driver had reduced reaction times due to intoxication than any given man. This is, of course, assuming that women drink the same as men, which is probably not the case most of the time, and makes this entire post invalid
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                            I think men is better drivers in general, but men has also grown up around cars. Many of them played with cars when they were young while the girls played with dolls. I think men in general are more interested in cars than women. In families, the men is often the "main driver". When the family is going on roadtrips, the man is mostly driving. Many men have cars as an hobby, they go to car shows, driving in their spare time.
                            But if men and women drives equally, I don't think the woman would be any worse at driving than the man. Women are driving more safer than men. It's more common that men are in car collisions and are driving above the speed limits. Women are driving more safer than men. Maybe because men think they are better drivers than they actually are.....
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                              I don't see how driving 10km faster than the 'speed limit' makes it unsafe...

                              some cars, lets be honest, shouldn't be on the road... and yet they are allowed to drive the same speed as a brand new car from the dealer.... so i driving faster than some person decided is 'safe' doesn't mean anything... as for more aggressive, i would slightly agree, but i don't feel aggression makes accidents, more the reason for the aggression... :)