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Is college education really necessary?

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  • Is college education really necessary?

    For as long as i can remember everyone has told me that you need college education to be happy and get people's respect. I tried college, just didn't fit me and i was an excellent student. But now that i am out in the world, i have found a job that starts off small but if you work well enough and show strong enough leadership and character you can make better money than most grads make with better job security. Though i am still young, and don't know what would happen of the future, i would like some other people's opinion as to whether or not it is really as necessary as people proclaim to get top education?

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    You get a much more deep education when you go to college. Many employers hires people who have graduated from college because they have a greater knowledge about things. I don't mean that you can't get a really nice job just because you haven't went to college, but I think it's much more likely you get a good job or the job that you always wanted if you have a college education.
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      Getting a degree while you are young is such a good thing to do. So many people find good jobs out of high school, but 5-20 years later find themselves needing higher education to either get the good promotions or to help with finding new jobs. It's so much easier to get college under your belt while you are young then to try and do it later (when you have a partner, maybe kids, and have to work 2 jobs while getting through it)


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        If you don't mind answer ... what's this job that you got?


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          It's not necessary but it helps. When an employer looks at a college graduate they can know they're at a certain standard of understanding about subjects and that they have a level of dedication, enough to make it through college. Those two qualities are important to look for in an employee and if you're hiring someone whose NOT a college graduate you have to rely on their past work experience and sometimes that's not enough.

          Bottom line: You can succeed with enough skill and dedication to your job, but you can succeed easier with the same skill and dedication and a peice of paper.

          Side note: If you really hit gold, it will probably be on an idea you come up with and develop, which requires nothing from college - just imagination.


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            As a computer science major in my senior year, I can safely say I haven't learned anything that couldn't be found on the internet or in a book. Sure the guidance helps and going to classes helps give you motivation to learn and do the work, but it's not really necessary.

            Some days I have regrets, but I'm sure that in the end having a Bachelors degree will help wonders.


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              i think a bachelors degree will help, but as working in the manufacturing industry i also was surprised to learn that my supervisor a 35 year veteran was a high school drop out. It just made me wonder if someone doesn't have aspirations to become a CEO or sit in an office all day long, are thousands of dollars spent on educations and not to mention years of life spent wasted? I like the point that Rada made, about some promotions or better jobs may require a diploma or a degree, so instead of struggling to do it later why not do it when you are young, i still feel that why not a person strive for what he likes even if it is ordinary? or maybe i am being Naive here?


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                I agree whit hsharma.. Im also doing computer science but im a few years behind you (here education means little, only what you can do is important)

                But in general i would say college is gonna help you in the long run because of reasons allready said.

                Its not the only way to go about it though... Because i seen plenty of people doing well whit no formel education. However these people have been working alot on there skills by themself and some of them just have this natural "gift" that makes them speciel.

                So what im saying is alittle bit of both ;) So go your own way but never forget your disciplin and that nothing comes easy.
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                  This is a mostly rich and dullards world and if you are going to be working for them , professional and college education is the proof they demand.

                  Few people dont give a shit about college or other education and employ people based on their skills and talents.

                  Few people without any college education start their own business and work as owners and become successfull too.

                  So its up to you and the answer is simple:
                  IF u have talent or intelligence or money you dont need college education , someone will most probably recognize you or you will be will find a way eventually.
                  ELSE you need to have college education.... coz you know you are going to work under someone's ass for living a mediocre life working up the ladder.

                  just as in TI u can see most people have to start off at 0% and work their ass up.(graduate)
                  some talented ones get recognised and get premoted real easliy.
                  some get up by recommendation or relation.
                  and there are also rich crowd who start off as vips ;)

                  its basically the same principle everywhere.


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                      I've had 0 years of college.

                      As far as the farce of needing a degree because somehow it makes you a more intelligent person or better educated is still strong.

                      College has become another bubble, just like the Housing Bubble, except you can't claim Chapter 11 on your loans.

                      I'd thought very heavily on going, I even had tuition from Civil Air Patrol, but in the end once I had seen people with Masters working at Dollar General under me I decided maybe it would be wise to wait and see....boy am I glad I didn't.

                      My Fiancee has a Bachelors in Graphic Design and has over $60,000 in loans...she works in a shipping warehouse earning $10.50 an hour.

                      Trade School of Certifications are best, I'm certified in a number of things.

                      As hsharma pointed out, most everything provided in school can be found online. I'm sitting here surrounded by computer and other system hardware,repairing, building, I can learn Java from online free courses, I learned most everything I know from books, internet and trial and error.

                      Had I taken a $60,000 loan and going through Computer Sciences or some other IT course like I had planned...I'd be in some serious trouble financially.

                      I have no debt, except for a cellphone bill, car insurance and rent.
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                        It is not necessary but if you are without it life will be much more difficult.
                        I have no college.So I have to do hard labor,and to endanger my health.
                        Many times the regret I do not have college.
                        So finish college if you can make it easy for yourself the rest of life.
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                          The only things you HAVE to know are how to make enough of a living to stay alive and how to get your taxes done. All the fun parts of life are optional.


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                            A degree from an accredited university is one of the most rewarding accomplishments you can acheive in your life. There are some misguided opinions on this thread. Don't listen to them. They are wrong. The strongest correlating factor to success is higher education. This.

                            A degree is not about saying I'm better than you, or earning respect. It's about learning, not knowledge per se, but learning how to think. An education extends well beyond the moment you've earned a degree. It's a life long endeavor, which rewards you at every step with the ability to better navigate this crazy world we live in. Having a degree is an excellent tool for life long education.

                            There is this unfortunate theme being developed by those on the extreme right, that an education is a bad thing. What a truly horrible thought. These are the same people that want to keep you ignorant and docile.
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                              I hate college, I make more money in the job I have right now than I will ever make in any job after I get my degree, why I do it? Because in the long run a degree will look better than no degree on my resume should I be out of my job, though I doubt it. Thankfully I get a good amount of financial aid. Taking out a loan is about the worst thing you could do to yourself, paying back 40k and up after you graduate? please, like that's ever gonna happen. My step father just barely graduated out of high school and he already made well over a million dollars a few years ago through the business he made on his own (what I'm doing) Life in this world is largely affected by your connections. Meet people and then meet the friends of those people, that's the only thing that will really guarantee you a better future. I know many people who have bachelor degrees and have yet to do anything with their lives. It's unfair but I truly believe your network of friends and family are ultimately a deciding factor in your life, not college, not education. It works for some, but not for many.