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Helpful Torrenting Tools for Uploaders Series - 1

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  • Helpful Torrenting Tools for Uploaders Series - 1

    Hi community,

    First and foremost, ill try to make a series of posts, about useful tools that could make our life easier while trying to upload stuff, on really strict trackers.
    this time i'm sharing with you some little software, that i find really really useful , because it lets you rename files ( any kind of files ) or even modify Meta data, in BULK.

    Have you ever been in that situation where you wanted to have all your files pefectly aligned? by name? well , then this is for you because it's so complete and easy to use.

    The software is called BulkRenameUtility its from a UK dev, and its free, so its great in all aspects.

    you can visit the Oficial site here. and you could also buy this nice guy a beer :)

    Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility

    With this tool i've personally have done lots of harsh renaming jobs in a matter of secconds. so i really endorse its usefulness.

    Hope you all enjoy it as I DO!.

    Kind regards