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How to Recover a Word Document on Mac OS X?

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  • How to Recover a Word Document on Mac OS X?

    Have you found your critical business Word documents missing? Are you looking for a guide to recover a word document? Here we are! In this article, you will see how to recover deleted Word document 2007/2010/2013/2016 files on Mac OS X quickly and effectively.

    We all know that nothing is worse than losing data. It not only puts your hours of work in vain but also lost a lot of essential data that contains critical information which brings us many troubles. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to recover Word documents. Why can deleted or lost word documents be recovered?

    When a file is deleted, its contents are not destroyed immediately. When you store or generate files on your computer, they are saved on specific clusters (contain sectors) of a hard drive which
    is attached to your PC.

    Once they get deleted either via emptying trash, Command + Delete, formating partition, DOS command deletion or other methods. The file system (usually APFS, HFS) only marks the spaces where those files occupied as "deleted" and available for use. Then it knows new data can overwrite these spaces.

    In short, deleting the file is just another way to make files or folders "hidden," and they are still recoverable if they have not been overwritten. Based on this principle, the deleted or lost word documents can be recovered.