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Workaround for Windows 10 lost power plans after Win10 update (if you have laptop)

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  • Workaround for Windows 10 lost power plans after Win10 update (if you have laptop)


    I had a problem that i solved. So i decided to share it with you all in tutorial. :) If I have some incorrect facts or typos, please notify me so I can correct this main post!

    Why use power plans (based much on my experience and less on read articles :D):
    Power plans can help you save battery time or increase laptop performance. For instance:
    • power saving mode: battery will last longer unplugged, but performance from CPU, RAM, GPU, etc. will be low. Because, they have limited battery resources, so battery can last long.
    • high performance mode: opposite of "power saving mode". Battery will last less (unplugged), because CPU, RAM, GPU, etc. has all access to battery resources so it can perform with all potential.
    • balanced mode: same as "power saving mode", but CPU, GPU, etc. can access more battery resources, but not as much as "high performance mode".

    So if you have game that is performing badly but should go fine on your laptop, check your power mode. Try "high performance mode".

    After Windows 10 update i lost all default power plans except "Balanced" for my laptop.

    Some Microsoft update fuck up!?

    I under stand that this is Microsoft fail and it should / will be fixed, but for now I found this article where is told how to deal with it.. Main idea is not to use default dialog for switching power plans, but "Windows Mobility Center". In "Windows Mobility Center" power plans are still visible and usable, so the bug must be in power plan default dialog.

    Quote from the site i mentioned previous - answer:
    If you right-click on the battery symbol in Systray and start Mobility Center you can still se three power plans in the combo box and select one.
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