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How to get Remote Desktop for your Seedbox on an iPad or Android Tablet

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  • How to get Remote Desktop for your Seedbox on an iPad or Android Tablet

    I know there are lots of remote desktops out there, but in my experience, noMachine is the easiest to setup and run in about 10 minutes... and it is free.

    For this tutorial, I will assume your seedbox is running on Ubuntu 14.04 or greater (64bit)

    Install on Seedbox

    1. Open up a terminal and SSH into your server with a user that has sudo privileges.

    2. Start by getting yourself sound support:

    sudo apt-get install pulseaudio
    3. Next, download and install noMachine:

    sudo dpkg -i nomachine_5.2.21_1_amd64.deb
    4. Be sure to allow incoming connections on TCP Port 4000 (TCP, and UDP 4011-4999 if you are running a firewall.

    If you are using UFW:

    sudo ufw allow 4000/tcp
    sudo ufw allow 4011:4999/udp
    If you are using iptables:

    sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 4000 -j ACCEPT
    sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp --match multiport --dports 4011:4999 -j ACCEPT
    If you are not using a firewall:

    [COLOR=#ff0000]Shame on you! install one of the above![/COLOR]
    5. You are all set now.

    The Client

    Go to the app store for your tablet and find the noMachine app, and download it. When you setup a new connection, use NX protocol, your seedbox IP number, and the rest of the defaults. You should be able to connect quickly. The app has a great little built-in tutorial on how to use it. You can also download the client for your laptop of desktop here:

    Remember that if the server is on your home connection, and is behind a router, you will have to go into your router's settings and port forward TCP Port 4000 (TCP, and UDP 4011-4999 to your server.

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