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What OS do you guys use? what do you like/dislike about it

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  • What OS do you guys use? what do you like/dislike about it

    I'm curious about what OS that you guys to work with the torrents. What are the things you hate about it and what do you really like about it. Also mention if you have experience with other OSes.


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    Hi. Windows 10, but thinking of getting back to Windows 7. Too many bugs. Well, maybe latest big update(s) fixed something, but I still feel that Windows 7 is faster and/or more stable. I've also used Windows xp and some versions below, but now it's irrelevant, I think.


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      I use Macbook for my everyday desktop environment, but for all of my torrenting, I have a Seedbox with Ubuntu 16.04, and well as an Intel NUC with Ubuntu 16.04.

      So to better answer your question, why this kind of setup?

      1) The Mac. I was a Windows user for ages, and when I finally got a Mac, I got hooked. There is just something about the build of a Mabook, the feel, and the OS that is rock solid. If I am downloading a torrent directly on my mac (rare), I use qBitTorrent.

      2) The Seedbox. I doubt I need to explain WHY I have a Seedbox, but what is important about my setup is that I have one with root access, so I have full control. Although I do most everything by command line in Terminal, I also have a desktop environment, and connect to it on my mac with noMachine. On the Seedbox, I use rtorrent for all of my torrenting, and I also have an Amazon Cloud Drive account with a map on the seedbox that encrypts everything I download and stores it on ACD, using rClone, EncFS and Unions-FS Fuse. This way I only have on the seedbox what I am actually seeding, and everything else gets encrypted and moved to Amazon Cloud Drive.

      3) My Intel NUC. I have this on my home network. It has Ubuntu 16.04 on it, and like the seedbox I can access the desktop from my Mac with noMachine. It runs Sonarr (for TV showsd), Radarr (for Movies), Jackett (to get the private trackers in Sonarr and Radarrr), Plex for all of my media, and Plexpy. This ALSO connects to the Amazon Cloud drive, and is setup to automatically add any of my torrents to rtorrent on the seedbox. I have 7TB of local storage on it for stuff I don't want to have to stream, and everything else comes off ACD.

      Lastly, to totally geek myself out, I have "Prompt" and "noMachine" on my ipad, so I have full access to all of the above wherever I am


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        win 7 ->pretty stable , and supports everything useful for me so far.


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          I use Ubuntu for all my torrenting and HTPC needs. Easy do manage remotely and superior CLI. Does consumer-grade Windows editions even have remote shell, or do you need to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for that? I of course use Windows too, for my gaming PC, and Mac OS X from time to time. When managing torrents in complicated ways, setting up cross-seeds etc, the power and simplicity of bash is simply great. Powershell? Ugly, long and difficult to learn syntax. And the file system sucks. On Linux, I can install whatever daemon or service I need (like Plex) and it keeps running forever. It has NEVER crashed. Longest uptime I've had was 40 days before rebooting for a kernel upgrade. Windows basically crashes by itself if you leave it alone for a few days. Ugh.


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            1 - Use a macbook pro for work and daily activities. Web development, internet browsing, etc. I was a windows user until I bought a macbook like 4 years ago and I fall in love with it but it's more about the hardware/software relation than the software itself. The trackpad is the biggest advantage for me, working with previous windows laptops implied using an external mouse ( i know there are good laptops with windows drivers for the trackpad but didnt have the chance to test).

            2 - Windows 10 desktop for torrent downloading and photo storage (as my macbook doesnt have much space).


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              I dualboot W7 and W10. W7 handles just about everything and W10 only sees the light of day when M$ puts an OS restriction on something.

              W7 is stable and responsive. W10 is... well...


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                I use win10x64 exclusively and win7 form work


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