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Batch File to Exterminate Windows 7 Spyware and telemetry

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  • Batch File to Exterminate Windows 7 Spyware and telemetry

    Hi guys, i've seen there's already a post about windows spyware, but i could also see there was no automation tool offered.

    In this case im bringing to you a batchfile , made by a guy in the community which does the job of unninstalling all the windows crapware from our machines automatically.

    I take no credit on creating this, i just want to share this information with you all because i believe its really useful and you can get your privacy back.

    i don't remmber if i can link directly to other forums so i prefer to give you exact information so you can google it for yourselves.

    The thread tittle is:
    Batch Update Uninstaller - Uninstall Forced Win10 & Telemetry

    from the user Cookieboyeli at forums

    There you will quickly find the updated batch file to download.

    Hope you enjoy this information as i do!

    Kindest Regards

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    That's an interesting thread.

    I just wanted to clarify a few things:

    • It seems to cover more than just W10. MS have always had telemetry in W8 and W8.1 and they introduced it to W7 also. The batch file appears to also remove the updates from these other OSs. I haven't tested this as I have only W10 machines.
    • The batch file removes Windows Updates that install (or enhance) W10 Telemetry collection. It doesn't (can't) remove all the telemetry options as more than a few are baked into Windows.
    • It doesn't remove any spyware. I recommend MalwareBytes Free (Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Malware Removal) for this.
    • It doesn't remove any crapware (PUPs). I recommend MalwareBytes Junkware Removal Tool (Malwarebytes | Junkware Removal Tool) and Zemana (Zemana - AntiMalware and AntiLogger Protection). Use them both as they have overlapping coverage.
    • It doesn't disable any reporting at all. The baked in stuff is still baked in. You still have to go and turn of all the items you're uncomfortable with. The list includes Location Services, Cortana, Diagnostics, Speech Recognition and Sync Providers, by the way

    All the above is based on a quick scan of the files in the latest version.

    This is a useful tool for both the privacy conscious and the conspiracy nuts. But it's only part of the puzzle. This is NOT a silver bullet for all your telemetry concerns.