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  • Windows Weather App That Looks Cool

    Source : Softpedia Original Author : Mircea Dragomir Post Date : 26 May 2015 Link in Softpedia :

    You can do just about anything with a computer these days, leaving little room for other devices to flourish, especially the TV. Thereís no need to switch or wait for a weather forecast on screen anymore, because it can be done on a computer.

    Windows comes with its own dedicated application for telling you whether or not you should take an umbrella, or donít leave the house at all. However, the Internet is flooded with alternatives that aim to provide better results, faster, and in different styles.

    Amongst others, we found a small program that doesnít stand out from the crowd through alerts or desktop gadgets, but rather by its appealing visuals and cleverly simple interface. Hereís what it looks like and how it behaves.

    An alternative weather viewer

    Step 1: Download and install Java Runtime Environment. The application is built on this platform so you need Java to run it.

    Step 2: Download and run Weather.

    Step 3: Write down the name of the City youíre in, or any other one, and press Enter.

    A 5-Day Forecast can be displayed, with each day in its own tab.

    Precipitation and Rain Forecast provide info on hourly, two days, and weekly probability of precipitation. More details can be accessed through a 36-hour forecast.

    If youíre planning on going to the beach, check the UV / Solar Index for description and recommended protection.

    Maps are provided for the target location. These are grabbed from Google Maps, Real-time Street View, as well as several Satellite images for air mass analysis.

    Note: Whenever you access a new category, look for a Check button and press it for data to be displayed.

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    Good-looking app, but nowadays you can get accurate weather data on a website from your PC or smartphone, so there's no need to install anything. If we take Israel as an example, you can go to and check out their forecasts for the next weeks. Everything is clearly labeled, and their data is supplied from weather stations from all around the world, which results in high accuracy.