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Turn Your Pictures into a Mosaic in Windows

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  • Turn Your Pictures into a Mosaic in Windows

    Source : Softpedia Original Author : Mircea Dragomir Post Date : 25 May 2015 Link in Softpedia :

    Thereís a whole bunch of things you can do with a handful of photos. Sooner or later they surely end up on one of your social network accounts, but take the time to add finishing touches.

    Windows has already introduced a few basic editing options in its Photos app and more are sure to come. One trick you canít perform, or takes way too much time, is using more pictures to create a single image.

    The result is called a mosaic, and creates a pattern over a target image, filling all spaces with variations of other images so they resemble the target in color and style. We found a small app with which you can create mosaics in a few, easy steps.

    Configuring and creating a mosaic

    Step 1: Download, install, and run AndreaMosaic.

    Step 2: Hit the + button in the top left corner to select the target image. It can also be dragged over the main window.

    Step 3: Configure size by choosing from the abundance of presets from the Mosaic Size drop-down menu. Resolution and tiles size can also be configured in the Size Parameters section.

    Step 4: Choose the way tiles are arranged by setting up Tile Parameters. The preview is provided in real time.

    Step 5: Click the two overlapping pictures icon in the top right part. Note that it has a small 2 (two), because itís step 2 of the whole process.

    Step 6: Click to Add either Image or Folder and grab all images you want to use. Hit the Save List button to later use the same set.

    Step 7: Press OK to return to the main screen. Now, press the button with the small 3 to generate the mosaic.