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Paste Windows Clipboard Content as File

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  • Paste Windows Clipboard Content as File

    Source : Softpedia Original Author : Mircea Dragomir Post Date : 25 May 2015 Link in Softpedia :

    The Windows team tries to integrate more and more features into new operating systems or updates while end-users try to reduce the number of clicks for each operation.

    Itís a difficult task to satisfy everyone. This is where third-party applications come with more ways to configure and use your operating system with maximum potential and productivity. Although the process of reducing oneís effort until reaching a result has its limitations, it can cut a good amount of time from your work.
    When it comes to managing text, copy and paste are some of the most used functions. After some processing, saving a file is the step that inevitably comes. With the application described below, saving to file can even replace the paste function.

    Paste directly to file

    Step 1: Download, install, and run Paste As File.

    Step 2: Right-click empty desktop space and choose to Paste As File (the new context menu entry).

    Step 3: Hit the About/Options button to make it even easier to use.

    Step 4: Under the Options menu, choose to Enable RTF Support and Popup Menu.

    Step 5: Copy some text from a document or browser.

    Step 6: Go to the location where you want the new file, right-click an empty space, and choose to Paste As File.

    Step 7: Select the format you need and your file is automatically created.

    Note: When an image is copied, more dedicated formats become available for more possibilities. This also works for grabbing images from the Internet.