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Split-screen multitasking is a feature Apple has been rumored to make available on the iPad via iOS 8, but as we all know, this didn't happen.

But according to the folks of 9to5Mac, we shouldn't lose hope of seeing the option come to iPads yet. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the feature wasn't polished enough to debut in iOS 8, but luckily, thatís not the case anymore.

With the WWDC 2015 coming up in early June, Apple is expected to offer the preliminary details about the impending iOS 9 update.

The feature is expected to be quite similar to other split-screen multitasking features offered on devices like the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, a tablet that was released more than a year ago.

Multitasking is already available on some Android tablets

The function will allow users to split the display and run up to four apps at the same time.

The source goes on to reveal that users will be able to choose to run apps in 1/2, 1/3 or 2/3 views depending on the application in question. Multitasking can be achieved with multiple apps or with one that displays different but relevant tabs at once.

However, we are warned to take this information with a grain of salt for the time being, as it appears that Apple still has some work to do on the feature so that it can be on par with the other new options that will make their way into iOS 9 beta. This means that the possibility still exists that Apple might keep mum on iPad multitasking at WWDC 2015.

With Apple working towards bringing the iPad Pro to the market, a tablet that will supposedly take advantage of a spacious 12.9-inch display, the multitasking feature will be more than necessary.

Some iPad Pro gossip

Recent information related to the tablet indicates that the device will most likely make a debut sometime in 2016, not in 2015.
Sources familiar with the matter tend to believe that Apple will be utilizing AgNW-coated touch panels for the iPad Pro displays. This is a new technology different from the current indium tin oxide standard which is expected to offer better sensitivity and compatibility with flexible displays.

On top of that, Apple is apparently entertaining the idea of applying a sapphire glass panel on the iPad Pro. These are just rumors at this point, so you should be taking them accordingly.