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Windows was unable to connect - Windows 7

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  • Windows was unable to connect - Windows 7

    So I was trying to uninstall one of the software and unfortunately it stopped in between and I had to End Process. Soon after that when I tried to connect to my wifi, I got an error while connecting. It didnt even ask for the pass key and just gave me the error. So I searched for the solution and most of them didnt work. But i would still mention them just in case one of you get lucky.

    Before starting up, i would like to mention a couple of things.
    = >This methods are for Windows 7, but the steps must be fairly similar with XP and Vista.
    => You should know your computer architecture.
    => This process involves in uninstalling a pretty important driver, if you dont know how to reinstall it, only follow the first and the third step. (DONT UNINSTALL YOUR WIFI DRIVER)

    1. Turn it off and on again!

    One of the most simple yet amazing solution. Try turning off both the router, and your computer off (Also the modem if you have one). After some time (about 30 seconds) turn them back on. You can turn on your computer almost immediately if you like, but wait for 30 secs to turn on the router and the modem. Reason : some of the routers have a battery that would work for about 10-30 secs after the power get cut off. Once your router, modem and your computer starts, try to connect. It didnt work for me but it might just be your lucky day.

    2. Uninstall the your network driver
    => Go to Control panel > Device Manger
    => One there, find 'Network adapter' and click on it one.
    => Then right click on the Wifi driver (it might say 802.11g), and uninstall it.
    => One your driver gets uninstalled, go to your laptops support site and search for your computer models wifi driver (or you can just google wifi driver for your computer model) NOTE: Dont forget to see your computer architecture before searching for the drivers.
    => One the driver is downloaded, install it.
    => Restart your computer with your fingers crossed and hope your laptop connects to your router.

    3. Add your Wifi manually.
    Finally the method that worked for me.
    Make sure you have tried the 2nd solution because for this method you'll have to remove all your wifi profiles. The 2nd solution is not mandatory but it will easily remove all your wifi profiles. To remove the wifi profiles without having to uninstall and install the wifi driver:

    Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Manage Wireless Network.
    Once you have made your way here, just click on the wifi profile and remove it.

    Once you have removed all the profiles, I recommend a restart.
    Once you computer is back from restarting for the zillionth time, Go back to the 'Mange Wireless Network' and click on 'Add' to add a new Wifi, and then click 'Manually create a new network profile'.

    NOTE: You need to know the basic stuff like your SSID (Wifi name), Security Type, Encryption type and Security Key. You can get all of this information from another computer that is currently connected to your wifi. Just connect that computer (the one that is able to connect to your wifi) to your wifi and hover over your wifi name.

    Once you know all the above information, adding a new wifi profile manually is easy, just make sure you input the fields correctly and then click next. This should work for you guys too.

    If you are still not able to connect, PM me
    !! I dont guaranty you that i would be able to help you, but i would surly try.