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Windows 7 Taskbar/Tray clock: How to display seconds

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  • Windows 7 Taskbar/Tray clock: How to display seconds

    As we know, Win 7 devs never bothered with the seconds display in the tray area, which is something that really annoys me everytime I look at the clock.
    Recently I've found a (lightweight) solution which seems to work really well. I'm aware of solutions which completely replace the Windows UI in the tray area, but my solution
    doesn't; instead, it concatenates the seconds to the right of the original clock display, without touching anything else. It even looks genuine!

    Final result: (Looks cool, huh?)

    The first step is to download a freeware program called DS Clock 2.6.3

    I won't go into the installation details; I'm assuming you already know how to install software.

    Next step is to load the program itself. On the options page, you'll need to use the following settings:

    That's right. Remove everything in the first box and type ":ss" (without quotes). The program should now display the seconds with a colon sign on the left.
    You may want to unlock the windows position before proceeding. Accept the settings configuration.

    Now, simply take the box and put it next to your tray clock, so it looks like my tray area in the first picture.
    Lock the window position, make sure the program will load on startup, and you're done!
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    Nice little program, personally I don't really care about seconds in the clock, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. :) +rep
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