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Speed up your Windows machine with an SSD

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    Originally posted by mrnewbie View Post
    Hi, I see lots of threads here about ways to improve performance on Windows PCs, but apart from the obvious method of using a 64 bit OS (W7) and upping your RAM to 8GB, the best speed improvement I have had was by replacing my hard disk with an SSD. I threw out the CD/DVD drive on my laptop (as I use an external Bluray burner), moved the original 500GB (7,200rpm) HD to this bay, cloned the disk & replaced it wit ha 128B SSD. The OS & all apps are stored here, and all the data is on the other disk. SSds are quiet, draw little power and generate little heat. The machine boots in less than a minute, programs start instantly, things just work. Best couple of hundred bucks I ever spent on a PC, my only regret is not getting a bigger one.
    Anyone else use SSDs?
    I do, I love my OCZ SDD things a beast, 550 MB/s Avg read/write 1GB/s + Bursts, Best upgrade to my PC by far. Highly recomended getting one, Even if its a 64 or 128 gig one, just run the OS and a game or two on it and have another drive to keep all your other stuff stored on.
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