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if you pc working strange

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  • if you pc working strange

    Start-Programms, Accessories, Command Prompt
    Open a Command Prompt and type cd .. (the dots)
    and click on the Enter key.
    now you have this C: \> Type sfc / scannow and click Enter
    (beware of the space between sfc and /)
    Window opens with the title Win.File Protection that checks the system files.
    Let him do the finish job.when finish hi will ask for the WinXP CD.
    Insert it and wait. (If you are here appears Wellcome to Microsoft bla bla,
    the blue window to install Windows, click the Exit).
    When you finish the job again'll see Command Prompt.
    There type Exit and Enter key and the thing is over.
    All Systems files are "fixed", ie. returned to its original
    state of the system should be stable.
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