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DIY tips: Caulking true and straight

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  • DIY tips: Caulking true and straight

    I recently finished building my own house, and have a ton of tips and tricks making your DIY life easier. I have already made the mistakes for you, so you dont have to :) keep in mind im still an amateur, so if there are any pros out there, feel free to jump in!

    Spending a bit of prep time before you go and smear silicon all over your brand new countertop or backsplash, will make all the difference between a nice straight and discreet caulk, or an uneven and bumpy slop job! Apply masking tape along the whole intersection you need to caulk, also including endings! If you skip endings, your caulk line will pretty much be smeared out in the end of the application. If you are caulking a floor standing toilet, or anything else with a sharp curve, use electrical tape instead, since it can be shaped more than painters masking tape.

    Apply generous amounts of caulk, and use either a silicon spatula or your finger dipped in soap water to scrape off the excess caulk, and give it a smooth surface. Remove tape when you are happy with the result, and you will have a great looking grout!

    Finally, if you intent to paint over your caulked area, use acrylic caulk or any other paintable caulk, nothing sticks on silicon :)

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    Looks good. Could you post the result picture?


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      My cousin came up from AZ last summer and we decided to paint the interior of my home. He taught me how to caulk a straight line and felt stupid for never thinking about it. Great write up!


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        Brilliant use of masking tape :)


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