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How To Observe People's Uniqueness

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  • How To Observe People's Uniqueness

    So I'm going to tell you how to observe people, this is basically a psychological thing. I'm not making this because so you can do some sneaky stuff, it's so you can tell Bruce Wayne from Batman, but I think you won't need my tutorial since it's a fictional character and you can just Google it. This is more talent than skill, but I'm going to try and teach you. So let me try and do this.

    Inspecting Grammar:

    Now I usually see people that have their own ways of typing, their own ways of approaching the type of ways they make a sentence. Some people can be unique the way they do it. But this is usually inspected from when people make a typo, when they have a habit.
    Here's an example: Where have you been lately ?

    Now there's a space inbetween y and ?
    Because this just seems like a normal typo, if you see this later on in their sentences, there's a chance it's a habit. Nobody can be perfect, some people can make typos usually. Now if you can notice their habit you have an advantage if someone has been compromised. Now this might not be effective, but at least it might work in some cases.

    Discovering patterns in their body language:

    Everybody has their own way of walking, talking, breathing, coughing, laughing and smiling. You just need to catch onto it. The way to use their arms while they're walking, the unique laugh that's hard to change, the breathing that can't be helped, the coughing that brings out their vocal chords. If you want to know when someone's around the corner, there are little ways to find out.

    I hope I helped, In some weird way. This tutorial was weird.
    Don't forget asking them yourself.

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    Sumtimes a typo's just a typo...


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      I see...
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      I bet you're the kind of guy that
      would fuck a person in the ass
      and not even have the godda*n
      common courtesy to give him a
      reach around. I'll be watching you.

      'Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

      Thanks, gblaze


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        The more you know!

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          The first thing to do is to observe people as closely as possible (without letting others know).

          [ἓν οἶδα ὅτι] οὐδὲν οἶδα - Socrates


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            One thing is to get a hold of any psychological profiling that has been done on them. If it has, hacking into a federal fusion center usually gives you access. There is probably a good program on TPB that lets you do that...


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              I have definitely note the space before ?


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                Is there a secret message in this tutorial? The differently colored letters seem to suggest something.

                Oh no, have I uncovered a secret conspiracy? Never mind, I didn't see anything!

                - Definitely not Nipples


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                  don't judge a book by the cover.


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                      What about the third type of person? the Bookmaker?