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  • Track your TV Shows by Excel...

    As a TV freak, i like to keep tabs on what I watch. I know there are sites that do this ( for example). But if would like to make a personal one, or create a backup, here’s a copy of a file I use. My year goes from September to the next, and then I create a new tab:

    Page 1
    - “Nº” is the last episode you saw from that show.
    - “Episodes” is the number os episodes you saw from that show that year.
    - “Time” is the duration of the episode (comedies, 20min, dramas, 40, special/cable 60
    - “T. Min” is the formula that gives the amount of time you saw that show.
    - I do a competition with friends to see who watches more episodes. Being comedies 0,5 points, dramas 1 and special 1,5. It’s fair because the time you take to see two comedies is the same as a drama, gives the same points, 1. You put the value in the black and give the value on column G.
    - You can give a grade to the pilot or the season to make a personal ranking in the end. It’s good to sugest a show to someone (1-10)
    - You can use colours red or green to know if the show will be back next season or not, based on the news that come out.

    When a season ends you transfer the show to the “finished” part. So you know how many shows you’re seing simultaneasly and how many you ended already. If you’re a pilot eater like me, use the last part. It’s only the pilots you saw and decided not to follow. In the end you have te total of episodes you saw and the time you spent in front of the tv/monitor.

    For my blog I do a ranking of episodes in the end of the year. So I need a way to remember the ones that made more impact on me (“Best Episodes”). I also do the hottest women on tv that year, so if you like to do the same… :p

    These extras can be deleted if you want, obviously. On the top right you can put the date of the last updtate to the file.

    As the name says, it’s the total from all the years. I know I could make a formula that updates data from one page to another. But I prefer to make it by hand. So, when a season ends and I put it in the “finished” part of page 1, I update in the “total”. It’s easier for me.

    “Stand-by” is for those shows you let hanging for some reason. It’s a great way to remember the episode you need to see, if you decide to, some months later. “Finished” is for shows that you saw completely. And in last, all the pilots you saw throughout the years.

    All the shows you have pending or the list of shows you want to see one day and you don’t want to forget.

    You can orderall your shows by rank. I don’t update this part for years but you can ;) I find it easier to make by tiers, but you can remove them and make a single one.

    PS- If you need to know how many episodes are in a certain tv show:
    PS2- I left some lines in there for example.
    PS3- You can put this file online (google drive for example) to keep it protected.

    I hope it’s useful to some of you ;)