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Update ESET Antiviruse(NOD32* & Smart Security)

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  • Update ESET Antiviruse(NOD32* & Smart Security)

    Hi friends,

    Some people use NOD32 as an antivirus for their PCs.
    but there is a big problem and it's Update the antivirus for better protection and everyone know that for this you need username & password but because many persons use this username & passwords ,they blocked.

    but the Iranian site has setup a server that can do that easily.

    for update your NOD32* & Smart Security ,please follow these steps:

    1-Go to main console and select "Setup" from the left panel.

    2-Select "Enter entire advanced setup tree" or if you don't find that click "Toggle Advanced Mode" and press yes if the prompt appear and then select "Enter entire advanced setup tree" .

    3-Go to "Update" section and click Edit.

    4-in the "Update Servers" section Enter below address and press Add:

    5-Press OK in all windows and exit.

    6-Go to "Update section" and click "Update Virus Signature Database".


    because of CPU usage of server,sometimes the update process do not this case please try a bit later.


    (it's in Persian)

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    Thanks for this guide, I should I try it.
    But I hope that eset not block this page too, like many other sites and servers over time.
    Ps: I use self BoxMara Fix v1.3 and have used it for a long time and it just works.
    Greeting: Yagiz


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      Dear friends

      I hope so.but this site change server and until now (for 3 month) that's not block:))

      the server address for update changed:
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        Please try not to double post,if you have something to add please use the EDIT button.I have merged your posts together please try to keep from double posting in the future.