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  • Restore your old TI avatar!

    Hey there!

    I recently returned to TI after a fairly long Hiatus. However it turned out that not all of my was here, my avatar was missing. Now being the Idiot that I am I had no backup of it. furthermore the links in the thread where I requested it were removed. All seemed hopeless until I remembered that profile pages were public. Most public pages on the web are crawled by the Internet Archive. They had a nice backup of my avatar.

    1. So copy this link:*/<username>.html
    2. Replace <username> with your username.
    3. Go to the link and select the last date that you know you had your avatar.
    4. Right click on your old avatar, copy the link address.
    5. Go to and paste in the address and download your old avatar.
    6. Now head to and reupload your old glory!

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    For new members go and put your profile link