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Passkey explanation and nasty trick

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  • Passkey explanation and nasty trick

    Part 1 - jump to part 2 if you are lazy or know what is passkey

    Passkeys are used by tracker to know an identity of tracker's users, who are seeding/leeching tracker's torrents. Passkey is a sequence of hexadecimal characters (like f2a1bc547dc1de24ec), associated with nickname. Passkey is stored inside .torrent of private tracker (public trackers don't ask users to register and don't care about upload/download ratio, so they don't have passkey).

    Why use these strange sequences, when you can just use a nickname? Well, if passkey would be same like nickname, then you could download .torrent (again - just .torrent, not the content), edit it by changing your passkey (nickname) to some user's nickname (say, JohnDoe) and start modified torrent in uTorrent. All seeding/leeching data would be counted for JohnDoe. So, it's user's and tracker's interest to keep passkey private to avoid this "hack" and that's why they chose to store passkeys as hex sequences - they are nearly impossible to guess.

    Now, websites of private trackers may or may not let you see and/or change passkey. But, as mentioned above, you can see it in .torrent and, what's more important, change it. Doing so won't affect passkey, stored in a tracker website's server - just that individual .torrent file.

    Part 2 - changing passkey inside .torrent

    At this point it's time to say: this information is only for educational purposes . So, one way to change it is to use online .torrent editor: Torrent Editor . Choose .torrent file, then choose "Edit". You will see something like this:

    Blacked part in "URL:" is my passkey. It will look like "f2a1bc547dc1de24ec". If you replace it with other existing passkey and save it... yah, download/upload data will be counting for someone else. How to find existing user's passkey? Well, I'll give you a hint - emule has .torrent files even from private trackers.

    That's it folks, +rep if you liked.
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    I hope that seedbox providers are not stealing my passkeys :)


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      Thanks for sharing , good info , keep it up !