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How to make magnet links work with your web browser & torrent client

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  • How to make magnet links work with your web browser & torrent client

    Before beginning, make sure your torrent client is actually associated with .torrent files, or magnet link association may not work properly with your browser.

    For Google Chrome:

    Close your Chrome browser. Depending on your operating system, navigate to the following folder path:

    Mac OS X: /user/library/Application Support/Google/Chrome
    Windows Vista/7/8: \Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
    Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

    Within Windows operating systems this will be a hidden folder. Hidden files and folders can be seen by enabling this within Folder Options. In Windows XP or Vista open the control panel and switch to Classic View, then open Folder Options. In Windows 7 type "Folder Options" into the Start Menu. In Windows 8 press Windows+W to open the Metro Search window then type Folder Options.

    Open the "Local State" file using a text editor. Locate the section headed "protocol_handler" and the line indented under it containing "magnet." Delete that entire line containing "magnet" and nothing else. Save the file, ensuring that it is saved as "all files" or the default file type, with no file extension.

    Reopen Chrome, and the next time you click on a magnet link it will ask you what program you would like to handle that protocol by default.

    For Firefox:

    Go to Firefox > Options > Options > Applications. Search the "Content Type" column for "magnet" and under the "Action" column choose what program you would like to handle that protocol by default. Restart Firefox.

    For Opera:

    Go to Opera > Settings > Preferences or press Ctrl+F12 or ⌘+F12 to open them.

    Under Advanced > Programs look for the protocol "magnet" and the corresponding program set to handle it. If you need to make changes, click the "Edit..." button and choose what program you would like to handle that protocol by default. If the magnet protocol does not exist yet, click the "Add..." button and name the protocol "magnet" then select what program you would like to handle that protocol by default. Restart Opera.

    For Safari and Internet Explorer for Windows:

    If no default program to open the magnet protocol has been set yet, Internet Explorer will do nothing and Safari will show the following screen:

    To therefore add the protocol handler or change the existing protocol handler, follow these instructions:

    Open regedit.exe. In Windows Vista/7/8, this can be found simply by typing regedit in the start menu search box. In XP, select run and type regedit.

    Do not change anything else using the registry editor that has not been discussed here, this could have dangerous repercussions. This is what the registry editor looks like:

    You must navigate through the folders to find your current magnet link registry entry. This should be in one of the following locations if you have an entry at all:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Magnet\shell\op en\command

    If you cannot navigate to this key you need to create it by right clicking on the last key you can navigate to and selecting New > Key. Name them accordingly until you have reached one of those two above paths. Once you have reached the command key, right click but this time select New > String Value and under "Value name:" put (Default) and under "Value data:" paste the full filepath of the executable of your torrent client and put it in quotation marks, followed by a space and "%1". This will be found within Program Files or Program Files (x86) in your torrent client's program folder. So an example of what you would place within "Value data:" might look like:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" "%1"

    If there is a file path listed under the "data" column in this command key and it seems to correctly lead to your torrent client executable, there may be another string right next to it or there may be another key within the \open\ key right next to \open\command\ (in the filetree portion to the left of the window). In either of these cases right click to delete the key.This should solve any feasible problems with associating magnet links with Internet Explorer or Safari for Windows.

    For Safari for Mac:

    Managing the default applications for various protocols becomes easy with the RCDefaultApp preference pane:

    With it you can go to URLs > magnet then choose what program you would like to handle the magnet protocol by default.

    For other Mac web browsers refer to previous instructions.

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