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how to metasearch private trackers?

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  • how to metasearch private trackers?

    Public torrent metasearch sites are almost as popular as torrent indexers themselves - why search just Mininova when you can search MN, TPB, IsoHunt and others - all at the same time. It makes good sense, although this idea has never been all that successful when transferred over to private trackers, to say the least. We’ve all been dreaming for a way to simultaneously search our private accounts without the hassle of having to launch each tracker in a new browser tab, and then have to search them one-by-one. Let us present the Web’s first publicly accessible private tracker metasearch site.

    This is a revolutionary new concept for searching multiple private trackers; all from one page! As of yet, query results aren’t directly displayed, but "positive" hits are indicated and the resultant searches are immediately launchable to each corresponding private tracker. Simply amazing!
    Private Tracker Metasearch - A Concept That Began at

    The concept of a private tracker metasearch was conceived and developed by gurus sanguinepenguinx (and sexten), and originated at in the forum thread below. As of yesterday, it was also the only way to access it.

    The idea quickly spawned into its own web domain earlier today, found at Don’t bother trying to access it with Internet Explorer, as you’ll need Firefox 3.0 and a greasemonkey script called ‘Private Trackers’:
    The Greasemonkey script, and How It Works:

    You’ll need Firefox v3.0 (or better) in order to take advantage of the script. Also, you’ll need to install this greasemonkey script, found here:
    1. Install greasemonkey, and the above script.
    2. Launch
    3. Start searching the available private trackers!

    How it works:

    Conduct a search, and checkmark only the private trackers that you have accounts at (although this is not mandatory).

    — Results Found: Click on the corresponding tracker link (name) to launch the search results.
    No Results Found: You are logged into the private tracker, but no search results are available.
    Search In Progress: Self-explanatory.
    Disabled Tracker: You have turned off the search for a tracker you do not have an account at.
    Login Required: At the time of the search, you are not presently logged in to the tracker(s) listed. NOTE: This does not necessarily mean you need to have an active browser tab with the selected tracker(s) open and running. Most trackers allow you to "stay logged in" even when the browser (tab) is closed. When blue dots appear next to the results of trackers you have accounts to, simply log in to those trackers (in another tab), or by clicking on the supplied tracker link.

    This is very new, and FSF will update this article. Keep up-to-date with the latest script, which is being updated continuously. Looking to request a tracker to the list? Try the forum thread here. Additionally, if you receive a message at “Please Update To Latest Version”, simply click on the link to the *.js file, and refresh the page; no need to restart Firefox.
    Customizing It:

    Right click the GM monkey, press m, select Private Metasearch, select edit. From there find all the trackers, copy and paste one and edit what is appropriate.
    site.push(["What.CD","torrents.php?action=basic&searchstr="," Your search was way too l33t","","","music"]);
    The line above has six sections:
    1 - “What.CD” - the name that is shown on the search
    2 - “…” - the link that is used for the search
    i.e. if you want to make it for TV Vault, just change to
    3 - “Your search was way too l33t” - the string you get when nothing is found.
    4 - “” - the string you get if you are not logged in
    5 - “” - the url for a descriptive search
    6 - “music” - the category you want the search to go in out of music/general/video/other
    EG - I added PreTome using:
    site.push(["PreToMe","","Nothing found!","","","gen eral"]);

    source:The ‘Private Tracker Metasearch’ Becomes A Reality | THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks and Info. | FileShareFreak
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    It is not often a great and sought-after idea becomes a reality, but this is certainly one of them. Thank you very much for this tutorial. This will significantly reduce the time that it takes to search for something.

    One question that comes to mind is if it is possible to add that site to the default search options in Firefox. Also, well done with the tutorial.

    The only thing that I can complain about is that the pictures do not show. Try using ImageShack, Photobucket or TinyPic as hosts instead of copying the actual links.

    Edit in response to GraphiK:

    Originally posted by GraphiK
    Great post! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us!

    Birthdayparty, I think you mean 'This is certainly one of them' :D
    I thought long and hard about that, and what I meant is that Freak86's contribution is not one of those that becomes a reality. You are right, though, I guess.
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      PICS fixed...
      please dont rep the thread..i didn't come up with the idea.i just found it somewhere and copy pasted the thing..
      enjoy it...
      p.s-source mentioned in the 1st post..
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        Universal - A New Torrent Toolbar For Private Trackers | THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks and Info. | FileShareFreak

        another good option..
        i dont see the point in copy/pastin the stuff here...


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          should we be a member of the sites to search them??


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            This a really old thread but the need for such tools is present. If anybody knows some new tools please share the intel


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              Oh man, I thought this works and installed the script, ... too bad. We really need one of these tools.


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                Originally posted by afacerea View Post
                This a really old thread but the need for such tools is present. If anybody knows some new tools please share the intel
                Originally posted by kimjong View Post
                Oh man, I thought this works and installed the script, ... too bad. We really need one of these tools.
                actually it is still working...There're just some updates on the script and the original posted method wasnt relevant anymore

                New link (click RAW to install with Greasemonkey):

                As of version 1.992: You'll need to do the following steps:
                1) Open about:config in your browser address bar and set "greasemonkey.fileIsGreasable" to "true" by double-clicking that line
                2) Create a new file named "pmsearch.htm" and paste the following text into it:
                <meta charset="UTF-8">
                3) Open "pmsearch.htm" in your web browser to use the script
                Script Customizations
                As of version 1.98: Search URLs now need to include [query] to specify the part of the URL the script should replace with the search string.

                To use these customizations, right-click the Greasemonkey icon in your status bar, "Manage User Scripts", select "Private Metasearch", and click "Edit". From there, find either the tracker list, or the addcategories function, both of which are near the top of the script.

                Adding Custom Categories
                As of version 1.93, it is much easier to add your own custom categories to the script.

                1) Find the "addcategories" function.
                2) Add a category id that you'll use when adding trackers to the list. The id must not have any spaces or special characters.

                For example: categ.push(["new"]);

                3) Add the new category table to the list:

                For the left column: left.appendChild(maketable("new","New Category Description"));
                For the right column: right.appendChild(maketable("new","New Category Description"));

                NOTE: The ids for the categories must be in the same order for both lists.

                4) Start using the new category:

                For example:
                site.push(["Demonoid","[query]","No torrents found","","","[B]new[/B]"]);
                site.push(["Site name","Search URL with the search argument at the end","Phrase when no results are found","Description search URL (empty double quotes if the site doesn't have one","Text when not logged in (only required if you're not redirected to login.php","Category (music,general,video,other"]);
                P/S: Another alternative: Boounce
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                  I'm working in a similar proyect:

                  Hope you like it :)


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                    let's bring this back up.....


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                      It's only here, or FF is awful?

                      I used to have FF as my main browser, but nowadays FF is having too much problems...


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                        some ppl make it work with Chrome but I use FF so no idea...
                        Originally posted by dobata
                        had some spare time in the weekend and it actually works with chrome and tampermonkey
                        getting rid of the "response.finalUrl.match(/login.php/)" statement was enough...if anyone else is wondering.
                        Again great work!


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                          This is really great. I'll have to give it a shot.


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                            Searching all your trackers at once sounds like heaven. :p
                            However the link ( seems to be dead. Any alternatives?


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                              Originally posted by johnlake View Post
                              Searching all your trackers at once sounds like heaven. :p
                              However the link ( seems to be dead. Any alternatives?
                              Originally posted by Eternauta View Post
                              I'm working in a similar proyect:

                              Hope you like it :)
                              Desktop version almost done =]