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How to Creat GIF image from Video

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  • How to Creat GIF image from Video

    This is what we will be making:

    We are going to start out as if you already have the file from which you want to make the gif. I typically use torrents, as that is to me the best way to get 1080p quality.

    Tools Needed:
    • KMPlayer
    • CS5(ANY Photoshop version)
    • Your Gif file

    I use KMPlayer to get my screencaps, so first you are going to open your file in KMPlayer. Once there, go to the area in the file you would like to gif and hit pause at the beginning. Then press CTRL + G and this screen should pop up:

    You need to select the area you would like the screencaps to go in the ‘Extract to’. I recommend that the rest of your settings look the same as pictured above.
    Now press the start button on this screen and go back and press start on your file. Once you have reached the end of the part that you would like to gif, press Stop on the Frame Extraction window, and then you may close the KMPlayer.

    Now, open Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS5, so if you have another version, some of these instructions may not work the same way. Once the Photoshop window has opened go to File > Scripts > Load Multiple DICOM Files and select the folder containing your screencaps. Once loaded, your screen should look like this:

    Next, click the button in the upper right hand corner of the Animation (Frames) and then click Make Frames From Layers:

    Your screen should now look like this:

    Now you may go through the frames and delete which ones you do not need. Be sure to delete them in the Layers section as well, or there will be transparent frames in your gif.

    Then it is time to crop. Select the crop icon (left side of screen, fifth icon down) and then go to width and height above and enter the dimensions you would like your gif to be. This gif is 500 x 200.
    Now click and drag your mouse on your image. It should look like this:

    You can drag the box down or drag the corners in if you would like it to be zoomed in. Now click the check-mark on the upper right corner of the screen and it will be cropped.
    Once cropped, go to Image > Image Size and then enter your gif dimensions. After entered, go down to the percent above Animation (Frames) and put it to 100%.

    This will show you the actual size, and thus will make any imperfections easier to spot (so you can later fix them).

    Next, we color the gif. Some gif makers do their own coloring, but I mainly use PSDs. I find most of the PSDs I use in masterposts or on Photoshop . Try to find a PSD similar to the base colors of your gif, otherwise the coloring may decrease the quality of your gif.

    To apply the PSD you have downloaded, go to File > Open and select it from wherever you have saved it. Then - once it has opened in Photoshop - right click it and select Open In New Window.
    In the new window, the layers would look something like this (some may not have optional’s, but Group 1 is typically all we need):

    You will want to select Group 1 and drag it onto the window containing your gif. Be sure to have it at the very top of the Layers category so it will affect all the frames.

    Now your screen should look like this:

    After coloring, it is time to sharpen. Make sure you are on the first frame in Animation and the first in Layers, then simply go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen. Then the second frame in Animation and the second in Layers and hit CTRL + F to repeat sharpen. Continue to do this until you have sharpened all the frames.

    Next, you have to time your frames. They are currently set at 0 sec. and that would make your gif much too fast. Select all the frames in Animation, click on one of the black arrows next to the speed, and then choose a different speed.

    Typical speed is 0.1, but if you need it faster than that click on Other and enter your speed of choice.

    Last but not least, it is time to see if your gif is under 1 MB and to decide on your settings. Go to File > Save for Web & Devices.
    Near the bottom of the screen, it will show you the size of the gif.

    This gif is just under the limit. If your gif is over, you can go back and delete frames until it lowers, or - if you have to keep those frames - try different coloring, as that sometimes works.
    These are my settings:

    And make sure to have your Looping Options on ‘Forever’, otherwise the gif will only play once and then stop.

    Now just hit save and you are done!

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    Very neatt... Nice tutorial


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      Useful tutorial, esp for VIPS who can use animated backgrounds on their profile pages.
      Photoshop is a great tool eh?


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        This is an excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing with us.

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          Useful tutorial , Thank you


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            welcome guys


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              interesting post and a good tip thanks


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                Very useful. For some reason, loading as DICOM makes than result far smaller than loading from stack, which was the main problem for me (10mb gifs!)

                Rep + for you!

                An addendum on Masking would be most useful, as I hear that's the way to go to seriously reduce file size.
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                  very useful thanks


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                    thanks i used FreeVideotoGIF.
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                      great tutorial. i will bookmark this... i need to make gif...


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                        Nice tutorial, did not know it was that easy :)


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                          nice tip thanks for the share!


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                            great work m8, thats really useful and easy to use


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                              its the easiest way to create .gif file :)