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Ratio proofs should be more important than speed tests

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  • Ratio proofs should be more important than speed tests

    So I don't have to write all this again, here is a conversation between myself and one of your mods:

    Originally posted by roker View Post

    Speedtest is the most important requirement, you cannot simply offer invites without asking for a fresh speedtest. However asking for ratio proofs is your wish but speedtest is important.

    Edit your first and original post and fix your requirements now.

    NOTE : Fix it in all your giveaway threads.

    Please read - Invite Giveaway Guide
    My reply:

    That defies basic logic to me, and you are the first one to ever point this out when other mods have looked at this thread.

    Why do I say it defies logic? Because if someone is capable of keeping a good ratio, then how is their speed relevant???

    Also, some people live in nations with very slow internet, so they can't even offer a good speed test to begin with. Your philosophy excludes them.

    If you want to force me to make them jump through extra hoops I will, but I will give invites no matter what their speed is. I am not aware of any rule here that says you need a certain internet speed to receive invites, so then why is it so important to you?

    Again, I'm just using logic and basic humanity here.

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    Do my points make sense to anyone else?


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      Speedtests are a requirement for all invite giveaways. Whether you choose to rely on the speed as a requirement for giving out an invite is completely your choice. We don't care what the speeds are. When I give out invites, I check speedtests to determine their country, so I know if they are applying for an invite from a banned country. Without the speedtest being posted, someone without the ability to see IP addresses, wouldn't know what country the person is in. Their introduction would show originally what country, but a recent speedtest shows current.

      Yes, someone can go steal a speedtest, but that's why some of us require two of them, a certain amount of time apart. Plus, we require fresh speedtests. If there's any doubts on the authenticity of speedtests, it can be brought to Staff's attention.

      I'm not sure what exactly your suggestion is, but our rules governing providing a home speedtest on a giveaway aren't going to change. It's a safety precaution for our members. Whether you choose to hold it in higher regard to that of a ratio proof is completely your choice.

      If I misunderstood your suggestion, let me know.


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        I see the point of it now... location proof.

        But do you agree that ratio proof is a better indicator of how good a torrent citizen they are? It does to me at least.


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          Originally posted by MPC7448 View Post
          I see the point of it now... location proof.

          But do you agree that ratio proof is a better indicator of how good a torrent citizen they are? It does to me at least.
          Absolutely. The purpose of the ratio proof and the speedtest are not always the same. For example, if I am giving away an invite to TL, I want to ensure the person has adequate speed and experience maintaining ratio since many of my prior invitees get disabled because of their ratio. If I'm giving an invite to MYA, I really don't care what their speedtest is, as long as it's fresh, accurate and not from a banned country (using this as just an example, not sure if MYA has any banned countries off the top of my head).

          Our purpose in requiring the speedtest isn't to make you use it as your sole decision maker or to force you to accept only people with certain speeds. In this community, safety is paramount and this is just another safety precaution we take to try and protect the accounts of our members.


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            @MPC7448 the speedtest rule is in place more as an indicator of where the person is from than about speed.

            You are free to ask for ratio proofs or profile links or whatever makes you comfortable to hand out your invites, but our rules require a home speedtest be posted. This is non-negotiable and is not going to change.

            Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to help and bring about changes to Forum, but in this instance I will have to politely decline your suggestion
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