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Banned players in iGiver History page

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  • Banned players in iGiver History page

    i searched the suggestions box before i post here. i hope i didn't miss an earlier discussion on this.

    it would be great if we see the grey with a strike through line on banned player's usernames in the igiver history page.

    some time ago i noticed someone i had invited to a tracker got banned from here.

    today i noticed several people who had asked me for an invite in the past were banned, so i decided to see how many of them i actually invited through the iGiver history.

    i found one, but his name was Blue!

    is it possible to implement that, makes it easier to track them down by knowing what givaway they got from me and check their status on the tracker.



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    A good suggestion, it would be easier to track the defaulters by just looking at igiver history.

    +1 on this suggestion from me :)


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      +1 also


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        Yeah it whould help a lot i think

        +1 from me too


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          I think this would be a great idea. Anything that helps keeps people's tracker accounts safe is good in my opinion :D +1


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            Great idea! +1 for me :D
            I used to think that today would never come


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              Yeah sounds good, +1 - could be tough to code though?


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                +1 From me, this would make it pretty easy to spot the bad apples.


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                  If a person is banned from T-I then there is little point in displaying that fact in the igiver page as they are unlikely to be applying for invites again (unless of course they manage to get past the crack intro team). If a person is banned from a tracker for a particular reason (cheating, trading etc) then that matter is dealt with on the CB which means due process has already taken place, it would be unfair on that person to then further penalise them for an "offence" that has already been dealt with (should they be found innocent). If a person is disabled for some other reason, such as a bad ratio then you can leave a neg igiver detailing that fact which is more than enough information to make a decision on whether or not to give them an invite.


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                    I agree with tankgirl 100% on this if you are banned from the Forum you will not be using TI for invites, so I think that this here really does not accomplishes much. Thank you for the suggestion but it is sort of redundant IMO and adds nothing to the Forum
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