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    I was browsing around one day and came across a certain site. I noticed that they had a jailbreaking section and thought that it would be a great idea to have that section here. I almost signed up to that site just for that reason. Then decided not to because why do I need 2 invites communities. It would just take my time away from here. Perhaps we can start a jailbreaking section here for the iphones,ipads and etc. With tutorials, pics, and guides. I am quite experienced in that area as well.
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    thing is, there is really not a whole lot to post in a jailbreaking section, i mean how to do it is everywhere from youtube to the app you use to jailbreak,
    getting tweaks and sources would be nice but you could do that in a single thread, you don't need a who section for that so i think a jailbreaking thread may be a good idea but a section seems over the top imo


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      Don't think you need a whole section but you are more than welcome to start a thread in off topic -


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        Yeah that makes sense.

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