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  • Ban Imagebam

    Now that the TI dump is back up and imgur is allowed, I would like to see ImageBam not permitted anymore. It is really annoying when you go to open proofs and you get multiple porn pop ups. The last one I just received was two pop ups. Before I could get the second one closed, the video autoplayed and a girl was moaning quite loud. Unfortunately, my speakers were turned up. Fortunately, I was home alone.

    If the image host cannot be banned in its entirety, I would suggest that all members be required to use the family safe settings, so we didn't get spammed with porn. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has opened up a proof and got smacked in the face with porn...while the GF/Wife walked by.

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    A definite +1 !

    Especially as the forum is PG13


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      you got my vote too..I can't even open image bam images (the site must be banned by my ISP or country) and fortunately i wasn't even aware of this xxx pop-up thing (and i usually surf this site at home) , so even if the site is persisted with something should be done with those nasty pop-ups.

      great idea once again [MENTION=207300]DroppingDeuces[/MENTION].


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        Already done for a few days, the rules and guides should be updated accordingly. If you can find anywhere the rules and/or guidelines have not been modified please notify me.

        Though I would like to mention that users will not be forced to transfer images they already have hosted on imagebam unless they did it after we removed it from the rules.
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          Great thanks for the info @ECH3LON

          so by the rules mentioned here - , i guess both image shack and image bam are gone now and only imgur and TI image host are valid from now on . Great.

          @staff - Rules need to be edited here regarding new image host

          also here
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            closed as this both image shack and image bam were removed by Staff from the approved image host last Week
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