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  • Reason for BAN

    though its not much of importance still i would like to mention it here
    there is no mention of the reason why a person is banned on his profile,i have observed that many reputed members are banned and the reason for their banning remains unknown.
    i know their is banned members log with the reason for banning but the log is overgrowing.

    it will be better if the reason for banning gets auto added to their profile in addition to the date of ban

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    Re: Reason for BAN

    already discussed multiple times use the search next time...

    the reasons are still in the banlist, it is unimportant for users to know why a specific user was banned, or even why they were banned at all. This may be put back in but it is very low on the list of things to do.
    Moving this to the approved list, because as I recall, it was definitely a helpful mod and saved staff quite a bit of time when hunting dupes. As ethicks said, however, its not highest on our to-do list but we'll let you know when we get to it. :P
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      Re: Reason for BAN

      this has been discussed over and over and I believe staff is working on it at the present time so I see no reason for this thread


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        Re: Reason for BAN

        Well I think it would help to explain the problem. The original coder hasn't ported that modification over to vbulletin 4 yet. I even contacted him on, but he hasn't responded. It's a relatively simple hack (66 lines). Does anyone with php & vbulletin coding experience feel like giving it a try? I've attached the vb 3.7 / 3.8 version of the script to this thread. I really miss that hack too and would love to see it updated....
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