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    This was inspired by my previous post on "revamping tracker reviews"

    It would utilize the - - software, and would be based around the concept that a wiki is the best way for a community such as this to organize large amounts of information. I will make a brief case against using the standard method of stickies and links to information threads.

    - People, especially newbies, get overwhelmed by reading a list of links, with dozens of posts each, and maybe a small list of "good posts", that took a good amount of time to track down.
    - You have to take a few minutes to go and collect some "useful links or posts" each time a newbie asks.
    - If the sticky is short and concise, it probably isn't thorough
    - It is is comprehensive, it is organized with a bunch of threads that make it feel like you are being given homework for 2-3 nights just to answer a few basic quesions

    Compared to Wiki

    - A wiki page is a single, constantly evolving, community created resource on a single topic (a single page) that you can just link to once (and its easy to remember).
    - It is easy to organized large amounts of topics.
    - It does not fall to a few hard working members to put together comprehensive resource pages on 100s potential topics. Each person can contribute a little. One person might know of a good link, and mention it in the discussion, which then results in a few new, good paragraphs being added.
    - Each page grows into a veritable, organized resources that links to great forum posts, great articles, and community created content.

    New Web-Resource

    - A Growing "Torrenting Wiki" (to my knowledge, a comprehensive wiki, which has distinct advantages over a simple blog or article website, does not exixt), would draw more traffic, and rank more pages higher in google, organically, over time.

    And More Traffic = More Potential Revenue.

    Sell ad space, per 1000 impressions, to reputable seedboxes, or other services, rather than a fixed fee per month.

    Community Pride

    A wiki is something everyone can contribute to -- and see there work, enshrined there, or replaced by something better (in which case they helped lay the groundwork)

    It is something that people can share in, contribute to, and take pride in -- together.

    Thank you for reading.

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    This wiki would also be able to revamp the concept of "torrenting tutorials".

    It would be a pain to keep track of, or have read all of the dozens/hundreds of "tutorials", where each tutorial covers a couple points.

    You might have to read through dozens of threads in order to become familiar with the torrenting concept you are looking for, or read through this and that article, this and that post, this that tutorial thread in order to find out how to get good ratio on a few particular trackers.

    With a wiki, you dont need to know about all these different threads.

    You just link someone to the "building ratio" wiki page, and its all there. You can link to great threads, too.

    Another person comes along and paraphraes and quotes from the main points from the 5 page thread, thus saving a ton of time and adding a lot of convenience.


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      ^^ requested before


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        Moved my post to your other post where it was more relevent, but I'm totally on board with this idea and would contribute.
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          Originally posted by Cappa View Post
          That was three years ago though. And to quote JJ:
          Originally posted by JustJenna View Post
          Perhaps in the future we can reconsider it.

          I think it's a great idea. You could have approved editors to sort through the nonsense other people write or just simply restrict changes to the who are approved. We could have people migrate info from threads/tutorials gathered on the forum. I would love doing that sort of thing.


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            I love this idea. It gets frustrating looking at all the threads with the same topic but all have there valuable and different tidbits of information although alot of it is the same. I can see how this would take some work though. However, I don't think there is anything out there similar to it on this particular topic.


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              great idea, if not easy to implement here, +1 from me....


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                I think its a good idea, but the hurdles aren't really that it is a good idea. [MENTION=17443]JustJenna[/MENTION] pointed out some very valid points... has the technology come to a point where those things are not an issue anymore? That is probably the question to ask some of the staff.


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                  I think it's a pretty good idea, but it needs people dedicated to maintaining it, so until someone "owns" up to do one, it is gonna be hard for a wiki to be updated and kept well organized.


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                    Good luck keeping it organized!!


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                      Very nice idea will be sure to implement this one.
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