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    I fail to see why this is turning into a discussion about the latest CB thread, the guy was caught and banned - end of, please focus on the topic of discussion which is about the rep bar.

    To the points raised so far:
    In regards to removing someone's reputation altogether and giving them a negative rep title (Member has acted in a shameful manner etc), I doubt very much that it is going to happen. Any person that has been banned from this site (either temp or perma) does not need to be punished or branded any further, their name is on the ban log that is punishment enough, plus there have been cases where the ban has been overturned (for whatever reason).

    However, the above being said, I personally don't see any reason as to why we can not hide their reputation in the postbit (like mine). There are many members that are on that list that have at some point during their stay at T-I made valuable contributions ~ how many of you have read tracker reviews that have been done by what is now a banned member or indeed been accepted to this very forum by one or perhaps you followed a guide penned by one?

    Just because they are now banned does not mean that what they contributed in their time prior to their banning is worth any less that after they are banned, some people are still using the info they have posted.

    N.B: These are my own opinions and are in no way a reflection of the staffs as a whole, nor does it mean that this suggestion is approved
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      my two cents.....once they are banned, {permaban}....who cares? they are gone! i dont care if they had a little rep or alot. they are no longer a member.
      "out'a site, out'a mind"
      id rather improve the site, for CURRENT members. the "banned" guys are in the rearview mirror.
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        This is just one more thing for staff to do, which is why it takes a backseat to more pressing issues. However, I have been working on our ban list, and removing the rep, for some time now. So yes, it's a good idea, but it's one that is just not at the top of our list.