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Be able to see posts with that you searched in search results

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  • Be able to see posts with that you searched in search results

    Currently when searching for something, for example say I searched "best trackers" as a general example because I am assuming most people new here do this search at one point, you get a bunch of thread names which can be helpful if you are just looking for threads on the topic but if you're looking for a post you read before or the context of where "best general tracker" comes in it would be nice to see that the top search to come up is Introduction for LargeMcHugeBig with maybe some context saying "...tracker sites. If one is replying to an invite thread to receive an invitation all they really need to do is say something along the lines of "I would like an invite please" and just hope for the best..." Than you can judge for yourself if this is what you are looking for or not before actually clicking on the thread.

    As a better example of what I mean I took the search results of "best tracker", searched it and took a before and made an after screen shot in Photoshop of what I mean. to give you guys an example.



    Now, If I would have been searching as it is now, I would have easily thought the first three would not provide any valuable information as they are an introduction and two give-aways However from the third link at a quick glance I would have seen that Krusnik thinks SCC is the scene tracker and I would agree with that. But someone looking for a "best" tracker would have found something they might not have clicked on before. It also helps when you are looking a post you read a while ago and remember some general words from it but not who it was by or anything. This way from the search menu you can easily browse the searches and find the exact post you're looking for.

    A lot of other forums have this option so unless I missed it or something, I'm kinda surprised TI doesn't
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    Could you please rephrase what you are suggesting? I am afraid I don't understand what you mean.


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      Never mind, I see what you are asking for. This is a good idea and something I would like to implement. I'll have to look into how we can do so.


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        The forum already has this function.
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