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  • a fitness forum

    at my university they have classes and lectures etc... about fitness, diets - diet plans and how long to partake (protein shakes etc), plyometric exercises etc... anything.

    i have alot of experience in EVERY aspect about martial arts , weight training, core tranning any exercise you can think of.

    my brother teaches brazilian jiu jitsu = plyometrics, endurance etc.
    my best friend is a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness = weight traning cardio etc...

    with all of this combined i could lend any assistants if you maybe wanna bulk up lose a little weight want that body that brad pitt had in fight club or jessica biel in uh anything, you dont have to research ill do all of the work for on here all of the time at least 4-6 hours at least.

    let me do all the work, save you the time of looking around, asking, gym member ships to 'get in there' taking days i can give it to you instantly and no sites or some sh*t like that...

    if you want some private information or dont want everyone to know what we talk about everything is confidental.

    post your results after you reach your goal...and if someone has anything to add (strictly pertaining to this subject only..we will be watching) feel free.

    best thing its FREE and i do not mind giving this information out and i will give it to you straight.


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    fitness in invite forum lets see how many r interested


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      well of course it would be good but I don't think it would fit in this forum ?


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        thanks dr orange your comtempt if fragrant i bet you have alot of friends...turns and giggles...

        thanks for the POSITIVE feedback


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          I think there's no need for a separate forum/subforum regarding to fitness because U can simpy open a fitness thread either in General Discussion or Off-Topic forum/subforum...


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            Toke's idea is a cool one, seems a shame to pass up an opportunity yet making a forum just for it seems excessive.

            Perhaps a good solution would be to post some stuff in either tutorials (how to keep yourself healthy ) or general discussion, keep adding to it and if it is popular one of the mods might make it a sticky. Once a sticky it could essentially be used as a sub forum.

            Whatever happens its a nice gesture toke.


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              Computer nerds doesn't need fitnes, they just need some jolt and xxx to keep them fit.

              No seriously maybe we need fitness more then any one else^^. But maybe its not big enough yet to make a own forum for it. Start posting in the General forum to see how much interest there are in you posts...


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                I like your idea as I'm searching all over the net for the best exercises and workout to have nice abs. You can post tutorials about every exercise you know. This way I won't have most of the time searching in the net rather than working out.


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                  That's nice idea and I'm telling that as gym guy however I think that from the economical point of view creating new subforum should be done as an answer for demand. Maybe some poll would be nice? That would show how many people are directly interested in that subforum.


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                    Nice suggest!I am some kind of fitness maniac


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                      Maybe just a thread

                      This is a nice thought!

                      I think that if there is demand for such a forum, implementing it would be warranted. However we may want to revisit having someone with a username so inherently non-healthy being the initial contributor.

                      I mean, if it was allnightswimming, allnightjogging, or allnightcardio I would be on board but having someone with that username as the authority on a subject such health seems a bit strange.

                      As the other poster mentioned, maybe a poll is in order. If there is a lot of support, a forum may be warranted. If there is some support perhaps only a thread is warranted, etc.

                      Guess we'll have to see what the admins/mods think.


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                        who cares go


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                          lol, there are no exercises on the interwebs.

                          Okay, in all seriousness we are just experimenting with new forums right now, (Coder's Section, Book Club, etc) so it's plausible if there is enough interest but I can't make that call. My personal opinion says just to make a thread in the general discussion, not have an entire forum dedicated to it.
                          Retired and happy :)


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                            I second that as well what Synth just said I honestly don't think there would be enough interest generated for their to have a forum all to itself. Create a thread and see how many people traffic it. If you get enough support then hey it might be something that can be worked out in the future, but as of right now I think we have enough forums and like Synth said we are currently experimenting on


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                              Interesting but i mean you can just talk about that in general or off topic. I do however love gym stuff and i am at the gym 3 - 4 times a week sometimes more so it would be good to have people who are into it as much as me have their own place to talk but one thread would suffice for that.