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Link between Chopping Block & Profile

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  • Link between Chopping Block & Profile

    Hii guys,

    since i allready gave away some invites, i would find it handy if you could check the profile off somebody, and see immediatly if he/she allready appeared on the chopping block.

    I see moderators saying "infraction given", but when i check the igiver stats, that member didnt had any negative igivers.

    So either i'm doing it wrong, or either i think this is a good suggestion :001_tt2:

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    I think that what you want is this to be available for public view:

    Thou it`s NOT the chopping block, but the Infractions tab, that only the user him/herself can view and mods..


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      --- infraction points won't affect person's reputation and/ or iGiver stats.
      --- only the groan button and/ or neg reputation will affect reputation.
      --- infraction points, as Veritas stated, are visible in each user's profile page, but only to Mods/ Admins and, ofc the user.


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        Sometimes people are put on the block and found innocent. Others have been found guilty, taken their punishment, and become a good member. I do not think it fair to attach a stigma to them by making their records public. If you really want to know, then search the forums. You should always investigate any member you invite thoroughly anyway.

        So I'm sorry but I won't see this being implemented any time soon.