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About Introduction Section (suggestion aimed more at members)

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  • About Introduction Section (suggestion aimed more at members)

    This is the suggestion aimed more to members and not to staff and really what I am trying to do is bring awareness to the number of members that want to help in the introduction section.

    I have been noticing many new faces in the introduction section lately helping out with the reviewing and repping in of potential new members and this is quite awesome because the introduction section needs all the help that it can get.

    Just a few concerns that I wanted to bring up first of all just like all sections of TI everything has a set of rules well the introduction section has rules too if you want to participate in this section

    My suggestion is make sure that you read the rules, understand the rules, and if you dont understand them ask someone who does.

    There are a few people that patrol the introduction section and devote countless hours trying to review the introductions. But it gets a little hard sometimes when your patrolling the introduction section and you not only have to stop to help a potential member but you also have to stop to help a person that already is a member that is making mistakes that shouldnt be made. Those mistakes could be avoided if the rules are read. That creates more work in the introduction section and that extra work slows down the process of how many new introductions can be viewed.

    Please Please not anyone take this the wrong way because that is not my purpose I am just trying to bring awareness to the members who want to become active in the introduction section. Here are a few points I want to emphesize on.........

    -Make sure your at 55% when reviewing AND repping potential members intros
    -Read the rules and make sure that their intro is COMPLETE
    -If you rep someone in make sure you write that you were the one that repped them in
    -If you Negative rep someone also make sure you write that you were the one that gave the negative rep.
    -READ READ READ the rules and make sure you understand them.
    -Last but not least remember that some mistakes can cost you an infraction or even a temp ban. So be aware and Keep your eyes open

    Thanks for Your Time, Your Effort, and for all the help you provide.

    PM if you have any questions or if you need help or just have a question.
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    I would like to add, that if anyone that is working in the intro section gets stuck and needs some assistance please feel free to either pm me on site or pop into the help channel. I am more than happy to answer any questions should you have a query about an intro.

    The biggest thing is, if you are not sure then don't rep them, bring it to the attention of the mods or ask one of the regular intro members to have a look. We are here to help each other :)