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friend requests from not repped in members

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  • friend requests from not repped in members

    i receive lots of friend requests from members who didnt make their intro form (midgets or what you wanna call them) and even mails asking for invites.

    My suggestion would be that members not accepted yet should not have acces to other profiles and other intros

    i ll just remove my mail from profile just in case :)


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    Yeah! I am of the same opinion. One more reason why members who have not yet been repped in should not be allowed to see other person's post, because I have seen quite a few persons who did not read the rules, and just copy pasted the secret password from other person's thread. So it leaves no point in keeping the secret password whose purpose is to ensure that people read rules.
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      It would be very nice from a privacy point of view, and I would support this. First gain some rep, than you get to walk through the door Thanks for the suggestion Acela !!


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        I think this is a good idea. Count me in as one of the supporters. Good find.


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          We have already implemented something to prevent midgets from seeing the accepted intros - all they can see is rejected intros and others applying - so they take great risk when attempting to copy and paste answers.

          As far as the original posters suggestion, I don't see why its a big deal to get a friend request from a midget. Just deny it. It's far simpler for you to do that then for the staff to code the site or mod vbulletin to prevent midgets from looking at your profile.