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    I know we've had several threads about this before but without any reaction or comments from staff so I'm trying again.

    I noticed new threads in mid section with SCC, GFT and PtN G/A .. very nice of the giver ofc but we really need to change the G/A behavior out of two reasons.

    What will be trusted G/A if they are all available at mid? FtN only? Perhaps FSC as well?

    This is ofc nice but with the requirements to reach mid level section it basicly means no prerequisites to get SCC, GFT, PtN etc invites.

    This DO risk the accounts of many members and with some collaboration between some site ops this could mean that because of one invite in mid section, a trusted and well behaved user can loose their account their and at other places and other users can loose their accounts at other places as well due to that.

    I doubt someone wanna loose their SCC, FTN, FSC or TT account due to a to easy G/A of an invite in mid section?

    I think we need to re rate the trackers and change the rules so no trusted G/A is allowed in mid section.

    I also would like to suggest a even higher level than trusted where you can't get access to by forum posts etc but where you need to be vouched in by other trusted members (invited) where the confirmed high level tracker users in good standing can help eachother out with invites. If you are a user of that class there should be no doubt that you are really trustworthy and a behaving users at high level trackers.
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    hmmm i am on the fence on this one. My view is that trackers should be rated by the invite giver. cause some trackers are rated low level but i would only like to give them to trusted members and I'm not allowed to post that there without some comment from a other member sayings its low level.

    I do agree on the fact that the trackers u mentioned should be in the high only.

    So basically what I would like to see is every invite is allowed in the higher levels but in the lower levels only the trackers that are rated by the community as low are allowed to be post there.

    I love the invite part of your suggestion though.
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      Rerating of the trackers is being done here:


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        Its been done, but the fact is igge's right it is being ignored. Im obviously not complaining but I have got BMTV, BitHDTV and TL recently and they are supposed to be trusted invites. I have just acquired a seedbox and am seeding the hell out of them, but some ppl who havn't been here long like myself may not look after them as well as they should.

        All that said I do think myfm has a point, in that, if I people want to give invites out then surely they should decide what criteria need to be filled.


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          I personally think that allowing any newly signed up member who chooses to donate a couple of dollars access to any of the higher sections kind of defeats the purpose of having prerequisites for any of the sections in the first place. My reasoning is that if I were a globally banned cheater/trader, I would simply sign up, donate a few dollars and try for as many invites as I could in the high level giveaways, while posting on other parts of the forum to show that I'm also here to help. Of course, in this scenario, the cheater/trader will usually drag his inviters down with him.

          Otherwise, the leveled giveaways are generally a cool idea and provide some piece of mind when giving out invites.

          I think that if donators were not given any special access outside of their own forum, then there would be little need for another level in the giveaway section, as the higher level would be made of actual trusted members. The Trusted section could also use a higher requirement.

          As for the rating of trackers based on rarity/exclusivity, isn't that generally frowned upon by trackers? I mean, once a value is placed on a tracker, it then becomes a commodity to trade and sell. This is something that has always irked me on BT-related forums and it only serves to perpetuate trading and selling, along with invite policies like HDBits :P.

          I, personally, think that enforcing a rule that would dictate where someone can offer certain invites is pointless for the reasons I mentioned above about VIPs/donators. Unless VIP/donator site access comes inline with regular users, I really don't think there is any point in enforcing such a rule.

          That's just my two cents, though.


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            Well the first GA i put up in the Trusted GA got hit with a scammer. I did put them on the block but it made me think maybe it isn't as trusted as it's made out to be. Every time i see a high level invite in the mid level section i think risky biz, but I'm glad this is at least being discussed since it's the first step.


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              I understand TI wants to be a forum where every member is welcome and everyone gets the same chances. I understand the system of asking 'X posts done 'to be able to access a certain section. In theory these are good mechanisms to to regulate the entrance to a more 'trusted' section. In practice, we have a lot of newbies who are eager to get into those sections and are posting/spamming till they get there. (refering to FranticD's post)
              I do find it a good system and I understand we don't want to scare new members away, but I feel we should decide to between two options:
              1. We do keep (the actual) low amount of posts needed get into to 'trusted invites' but we are less tolerant in the borderline spamming (bringing up old threads, like the 'gender' thread f.e (as S2CUTS already mentioned)
              2. We could remain the actual means, not really punishing spamming recidivists, and make the numbers of post needed to enter the section, higher.
              I think both options would have the same effect: you'd really need to be an active member, committed to the forum and the idea behind it, in order to get to these sections. Personally I wouldn't mind of 'trusted GA' was f.e. only for 75%'ers.. If you really would want to be part of the forum, you WOULD DO THE EFFORT TO GET THERE. In these scenarios a spammer/trader/scammer would give up more easely/would be spotted quicker. That's only my opinion in this matter. I know I have a bit more overprotection ideas but if you call it 'trusted' it should really be what its meant to be.


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                Or you could not be lazy and better investigate the person your handing your invites too. The decision of whether someone is trusted or not is on the giver, I have given away a few scc and gft invites in the mid level section and not one of them is banned, hell one of them even overtook me in upload on gft. Remember you have the right to ask for profile links and multiple speed tests so use it.
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                  i can say it doesnt matter if the invite like what i saw (10xGFT, 15xGFT) is there. it was the person who offer it think themselves who will they invite. they also must realise the invitee may affect him in future. so doesnt matter where is the section, what is the rating. u cant say in Trusted column people can 100% be trusted and in midlevel GA only 50% can be trusted


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                    Can someone explain me why some trackers are rated as trusted and stuff? I mean, i understand the reason demonoid is low level. But why are trackers like Cinematik, Karagarga, Waffles, and What, so high on the list ?

                    i dont understand the system behind it i guess xD


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                      Low-level trackers are referred to as such because there is an abundant amount of invites available; thus, being fairly simple for a user to become a member. Mid-level and high-level works similarly - either being moderately difficult or extremely difficult to receive an invitation. Basically, it doesn't matter how awesome the tracker is; if there are numerous invitations floating about, it will be classified as low-level.

                      The whole trusted idea is completely up to the inviter to decide. Some members may value one tracker higher than another so they'll ask for more prerequisites before inviting someone. T-I's trusted section asks that no low-level invitations are to be placed there, but really, we've been seeing so many high-level tracker trickle down to the mid-level section that it could pretty much be classified as one which brings us back to igge's reason for posting the thread.

                      All we can really point out is T-I have done its job well. How? It's fairly easy to find invitations to trackers like SCC, GFT, BCG, TT, BitMeTV, BitMe and many, many more which is the intention. Yes, it's great for new members. Yes, we could pre-screen users. Yes, we could add prerequisites to our give-aways, but this obviously does not always work since traders and scammers could eventually 'scam' their way to the top. The system is flawed, but inviters are obviously expected to pay close attention and do a little bit of research before inviting anyone.

                      If it wasn't for T-I, I wouldn't have got into many of the trackers I'm a proud member of today.