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Rules for requesting multiple invites.

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  • Rules for requesting multiple invites.

    Its come to my attention that some people are requesting invites to the same tracker in many different threads at the same time. While this is not specifically against the rules, perhaps it should be.

    It seems a little ridiculous to put in 5 or even 10 applications for the same tracker invite in a very short period. Is there any way that we can prevent this? Could it be a rule that you can only app to one g/a per tracker at the same time? Or is this too extreme? At the very least it would be nice if we required users to post in all g/a's if they had other OPEN applications for the tracker that they are applying to.

    What do you guys think? Does a mod want to weigh in?

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    At the very least it would be nice if we required users to post in all g/a's if they had other OPEN applications for the tracker that they are applying to.
    This part I agree with. I think it's a courtesy thing to inform the inviter you've already applied elsewhere. I do think it's a bit extreme not to let users apply for other giveaways of the same tracker, though.

    What I dislike is when a user have been invited to a certain tracker, but have not removed their applications in other threads. This part should be a rule.


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      I really think we should have one invite application per tracker. If you want to apply in someone else's thread, simply remove or edit the post in the first thread you applied for.
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        I honestly think it is a little extreme to limit how many times you can apply for an invite for the same tracker. People usually do apply for the same tracker more than once to improve the odds of getting into that tracker especially if it is a very sought out tracker like the ones in the trusted section.

        Where I do agree with you is that maybe that when they do apply for another invite to inform the people that they have more than one application in for the same tracker. Maybe they can post what the person requires and at the end they can post the link of any other g/a they may be in for that same tracker that way the person doing the g/a can click on the link and see the progress of that other g/a

        also yes the user should edit their post to any additional times they have applied to a tracker if they have finally received their invite.


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          I think its fine, as long as you inform the other inviters and don't leave them hanging it just increases your chance of getting that invite. I do agree that there should be a cap of about 2-3 requests.


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            I think it is fine also. But when a member receives the invite they're looking for, they should definately go back and edit their requests in the other threads to state that they have recived the invite elsewhere.


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              I think allowing people to have unlimited applications to the same tracker really isn't necessary. Low and mid level invites get filled quickly, they can apply to more if they get turned down at the first ones they applied to. I think 2-3 applications open at the same time for the same tracker is more than enough.

              Another thing that really concerns me is that we're allowed to post an application for every single tracker offered in a GA. So we can have dozens of applications out for a dozen different trackers, or even more if we want. I see absolutely no reason for a new member needing to get an invite to a dozen different trackers in the same week. We're limited to leaving 5 Igivers per day and yet I've seen people saying that they can't leave Igiver for someone because they've used up all their Igiver for that day. WTF is up with that? It's a bit more understandable if they're leaving Igiver for getting Bonus points; but please, someone give me a convincing argument for why someone needs 5 invites in a single day.

              So I think we should also consider limiting the number of different trackers that we can have open applications for at the same time, in addition to the number of times we can apply to each tracker.

              I see nothing wrong with having an applicant state that he's also applied for the same invites elsewhere. Nor is there anything wrong with requiring applicants to edit all their invites for a tracker once an invite has been received. These two things are common sense and courtesy, but a quick glance at the GA sections will prove that both are often lacking, so perhaps it's time to make them rules instead.
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                We aren't going to limit how many times a member can apply at once, per tracker. All other issues aside, the more posts members make, the more "Torrent Invites" gets pushed to the top in Google Search. For that reason alone, Dave will not go for this. It's not good for the site. Also, there is absolutely no reason to do so. The more times you apply, the more your odds of receiving the invite increase.

                Also, I see no reason to force the member to tell their potential inviter that they've applied elsewhere. This could unfairly decrease their chance of receiving the invite. It's really none of the inviters business where they've applied - it becomes their business only if the invitee receives more than one invite. It is the responsibility of the invitee to be sure this doesn't happen. If it does, they get banned. Simple.

                However, I do agree that members need to cancel all other pending applications once they receive an invite. It's common courtesy and it also decreases the risk of a member receiving multiple invites.