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    My suggestion is to consider adding some new admins/mods to the site. I noticed in the introduction area the last accepted user was back in April while several for even the month of June has been posted.
    This forum can greatly use an increase of active users and I feel this one be one step to help that.

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    You are totaly right and i remember the day's that i used this site daily


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      yes back when I signed up this forum was pretty active


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        Life is getting in the way!! haha. Not sure what I can promise you but I will ease the restrictions a bit and see.
        PM me at your own peril.

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          the very nature of the site is of transient. people get what they want and leave.


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            Well I know plenty who keep the chatter about, we need to keep people here for more than just an invite. Maybe making the forum a social playground with an active IRC where once they spend time they gain access to invites or similar.

            Anyway Dave has a plan ;)
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              havent posted lately but these forums used to be pretty active, people talked all the time about other stuff than an invite too.