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Hide User Activity While Logged Out

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  • epicdavid
    I agree. User activitly absolutely should not be visible publically on the surface web. 0%-users should be equated to non-logged in users except for the introductions-forum, and the entire Area 51 should be hidden from public and 0% users.

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  • Mistmancer
    started a topic Hide User Activity While Logged Out

    Hide User Activity While Logged Out

    It occurred to me after posting a question about this in help that it might be better served as a suggestion. Regardless of the reason why all activity can be viewed by search spiders and site visitors, I would like to suggest that access to these forums be limited to our members. Ideally, a 0% member would be given very limited access. I believe it is counterproductive to the intent and purpose of these forums to expose all of our posts and activity to the entire world.