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Ability to edit your own post in a closed thread...

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  • Ability to edit your own post in a closed thread...

    Suggestion is to leave the ability to edit my own post on a thread that the OP closed.

    So for instance... I have received an invite to a wonderful tracker, gave an iGiver, left feedback or whatever, and now I just want to remove the link to the image file I placed in the application to make it harder for any "googler" to figure out what trackers i'm currently (was) on.

    For second instance... I reviewed a bunch of old threads I posted on, and noticed I must have been drunk when I wrote one of those reply's... I just want to edit a few typos.

    Seems as if the OP closed the thread, I no longer have the option to edit my post....

    Food for thought !!!

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    Makes sense.


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      And to be able to delete your own post. I just accidentally posted in the wrong area :-(


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        I dont know if we have it but the build in img uploader should have delete img option and have the img you uploaded linkt to your account so you can delet them when the giveaway is done.