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Make opentracker sidebar update when commented

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  • Make opentracker sidebar update when commented

    Isn't it a little weird that on the right side of the website only new threads get popped up to the "Opentracker" portion? I noticed this after reading the rules of the Open Tracker posting: You should post a tracker opening in the thread that has already been made. Alright, I do understand that this bumps the thread up once someone opens the section, but wouldn't it be nicer if the sidebar or the "Opentrackers" section would update accordingly once someone replies to a thread eg if a tracker re-opens.

    A good live example of this was when just today Torrentleech opening got announced here, I would have not probably noticed it, but a member made a new thread about it even though there's a thread for Torrentleech already > where the opening should have been announced according to the rules.

    > I do understand that this would make some people bump their own trackers or comment something in order to get some more viewers from the main view of the forums, but I believe this change could potentially give more visibility for good trackers that have been once posted and can't be reposted.


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    Seriously? I think that's a pretty stupid idea :) I think it's good as it is right now :D