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Delete Old Tracker Reviews That Are Dead From The Review Index

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  • Delete Old Tracker Reviews That Are Dead From The Review Index

    I think that we should delete trackers that are down from the review index. There is a whole bunch that i have found that were down when i was doing research to review trackers. Many users go through this index to find active trackers to join. They obviously cant do this if the tracker is down.
    Thank you

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    If the pictures survived, likely they haven't, I think they should be tagged as dead (instead of Movie, TV, Ratioless, Etc).

    No pics. No purpose. Delete it.

    I've gone through and commented "DEAD" on many reviews. The last one was Pretorians.


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      Imo, it will be better to have them just for the record. There are times, that I check old (years back) reviews of a tracker to see how different it was instead of today, people comments etc.

      Also, I may visit dead trackers too, like ChinaHDTV. From there, people can read and feel how it was, through comments, find info, and also see how HD4FAN run too. (Home tracker of group beAst (main internal of ChinaHDTV)). There is gold content in some Dead tracker reviews that would be shame to be deleted just for taking one line of your search result
      And btw, you never know if a tracker gonna be open again, even after years. Is good to keep a record.

      So I vote No.

      @duce There're tagged as [Closed}. Also, there is no reason to post "dead" to a review. Is so easy for everyone(and staff) to find all reviews of a tracker, simple with "Search Forum" at Reviews category. So, just bumping the thread, nobody gain nothing. If you find a review that it's site is dead and isn't tagged as Closed, better pm a staff.
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        Yeah, to add to the opinion of [MENTION=231355]pb_teo[/MENTION]

        I have also found dead/[RIP] tracker reviews useful.

        At least one site marked [RIP] seemed to have come back from the dead (or never died?).

        And for another site, I was able to read different opinions in the [old] verses [current] year reviews - invaluable archive data.

        I used the search function to find them so please take care that they still appear in results whatever is decided as action.

        Images or not, i personally found a lot of value from all reviews, so my vote is a NO - please do not delete those posts.


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          I was specifically talking about taking them out of the index. The reason was because many people go through the tracker review index to find a tracker to become apart of! If you just want to see what it was like years ago before it got shut down you can use the search bar!


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            I don't see the need for this to be a suggestion. All you need to do is post in the review index and ask that a specific tracker in the index be updated. From there, the person managing the index or a member of staff can make the necessary changes.

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